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I'm cyberbullying Mundy

Discussion in 'General' started by Thebignoise, Aug 17, 2011.

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  1. Thebignoise

    Thebignoise New Member

    Some very awkward Mundy footage.

  2. worthit

    worthit Well-Known Member

    Is he dressed up as Woody from Toy Story?
  3. Thebignoise

    Thebignoise New Member

    I'm not too sure who he is supposed to be. God love the chap, he looks some state.
  4. ann post

    ann post Well-Known Member

    tell me why i dont like mundy.
  5. Thebignoise

    Thebignoise New Member

    that was my original title , I thought it was a little bit cruel. Well actually I didn't. Friends did though
  6. RayRay

    RayRay Well-Known Member

    Yep i am also not a fan and that video just highlights that fact
  7. MilanPan!c

    MilanPan!c Well-Known Member

    Who's Mundy? I mean, he's connected to that guy who slept with the Polish girl ...right? Or...?
  8. ann post

    ann post Well-Known Member

    he wrote a song about a month. there are still eleven left ftw though.
  9. JohnnyRaz

    JohnnyRaz Well-Known Member

    connected from a strictly evolutionary viewpoint, the genus singersongwriterus hiberian, commonly known as the 'withering bollixes'
  10. mr pharmacist!!!!1

    mr pharmacist!!!!1 Well-Known Member

    hey you seem like a pro thebignoise. must get you to do some video work for me.

    leave bundy alone.
  11. Scientician 0.8

    Scientician 0.8 Well-Known Member Contributor

    I don't like his whole repertoire but I've liked or loved a few of his songs and he seems like a sound fellow any time I've met him. Yes, I AM DEFENDING MUNDY. HATERS GONNA HATE, LEAVE HIM THE FUCK ALONE.

    I never got the hate for the singer-songwriter I've seen on this board and elsewhere. How is a warbler with a guitar any harder to put up with than a boring cunt fucking around with a load of effects pedals, making maundering, watery electronic music, or a droney shitty band playing with vox just below the comprehensible, or a humourless uninspired punk four-piece, or a passionless, obviously-structured postrock act, or a dubstep set? You're into what you're into and I suppose picking up a guitar and strumming some shite has a slightly lower bar to entry than other forms of musical endeavour but I just don't get the hatred. Some singersongwriters' songs are great, some are shit, like all other music that ever existed ever.
  12. Shaney

    Shaney Well-Known Member Supporter

    That video is a bit prickish alright. Mundy is shite but that video is worse.

    At one time it seemed you couldn't turn on the tv or radio, or go to a pub or shop, or walk down the street without being subjected to rubbish singer songwriters like mundy, paddy casey, damien rice, john spillane and whoever else. all that in-yer-faceness is bound to rile.
  13. GO

    GO Well-Known Member Supporter

  14. Goodbye

    Goodbye New Member

    The guy who cut the video is an arse. Its very easy to make someone look stupid by how you put things together.
    Meaningless cruel shite.
  15. Scientician 0.8

    Scientician 0.8 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Well all of the acts you've mentioned have actually managed at one time or another to get quite a following and sell a load of records, in Ireland at least (In fact I think Ricey might be a million seller abroad). I think the fashion has moved on from that a bit but I suppose also that solo acts are easier to promote and direct from the POV of a record company or PR company.

    And also you list those people's names as if they were identikit acts but really Casey has always been more kinda soul-pop orientated, Mundy is more of the busker-strummer type, the closest of the acts you mention to the stereotype, Rice is more the fragile confessionalist, and Spillane does lots of different styles in English and as Gaeilge from traditional songs to folk songs, to MOR pop.
  16. jonah

    jonah Well-Known Member

    I know a girl whose actual sexual fantasy is woody from toy story. I should email her this for some jill-out time.
  17. Shaney

    Shaney Well-Known Member Supporter

    Hmmm, yeah maybe, i suppose. I was just speculating in response to your question about why people hate singer songwriters so much
  18. ann post

    ann post Well-Known Member

    i find when i write songs, i sometimes end up singing them. I'm not a bad person.
  19. snakybus

    snakybus Well-Known Member

    I was at that Mundy gig with my kids. I didn't like how he said rhubarb pie instead of rhubarb tart in one of the songs. He defended it by saying you can't say "tart" in a song, it has to be "pie", because that sounds right, sounds like what you'd say in a song. But this was in a song about missing the country, where everyone calls it rhubarb tart.

    I'm not sure if that says anything about singer songwriters, or about Mundy. I mean, he seems like a nice sorta guy. But Mundy, if you're out there, represent, motherfucker. And say tart.
  20. Theodore Kaczynski

    Theodore Kaczynski Well-Known Member

    Rhubarb crumble's your only man.
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