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The Nilz EP Launch Friday Jan 26th

Discussion in 'Eirecore' started by Primitive, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Primitive

    Primitive Active Member

    The Nilz EP launch with support from The Objectorz & Gavin & Thee Icons
    Drop Dead Twice - The Taproom Francis St Dublin
    Doors 19.30pm Adm: €10 incl CD.

    The Nilz release their 2nd E.P. “ Kiss me, my Executioner” @ Drop Dead Twice on Jan 26th

    Gavin & thee Icons
    It’s just Rock n Roll perpetrated by 5 of the biggest fuck ups in Dublin town
    Gavin And Thee Icons

    The Objectorz
    "Cheap Trick or AC/DC crossed with Pegboy/Naked Raygun? Somewhere between hard rock (& roll) stuff and punk rock flittering around the heavier end of power pop .Some twin guitar action occasionally (you know they like a bit of Status Quo and Thin Lizzy) but staying under the 3 minute punk mark." Thanks for the description from Spoonful of Tar.
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