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el Jefe

Apr 11, 2001
Hiya, been a while since I posted here! Sorry about that.

I moved to Ireland and have a bunch of records, tapes and zines to sell, new and old(ish). I also love posting long lists on forums.

New in the distro:
Ballpeen - Pachinko CS
Cerebral Rot - Odious Descent Into Decay LP
Chepang - Chatta LP
Comicide - Moral Improvement CS
Earth Federation / Noizegoat - Split LP
Escuela Grind - Indoctrination LP
Feastem - Graveyard Earth LP
Fetid - Steeping Corporeal Mess LP
Fret! - A Vanity Spawned By Fear CD
Full Of Hell - Trumpeting Ecstasy LP
Gate - Resurrection Of Relentless God LP
God’s America / MooM - Split EP
Hexx / Shitgrinder - Split EP
Hordur - Hubris LP
Iron Age - The Sleeping Eye LP
Magic Circle - Departed Souls LP
Marzuraan - Ten Years Too Late CS
Noisem - Cease To Exist LP
Obsequiae - The Palms Of Sorrowed Kings LP
Psycho / Emissaries Of Syn / MxAxMxA - Split LP
Punk + Metal Crossword Collection - Issue 1 Zine
Punk + Metal Crossword Collection - Issue 2 Zine
Red - Golden Oath Of Allegiance LP
Resent - Crosshairs LP
Ruin Lust - Choir Of Babel LP
Sigh Down One - Memory Is Short Longing LP
Slave Hands - No More Feelings LP
Su19b - Neutralize LP
Superstition - The Anatomy Of Unholy Transformation LP
Swarming Hordes - s/t CD
Tomb Mold - Manor Of Infinite Forms LP
Tomb Mold - Planetary Clairvoyance LP
Tomb Mold - Primordial Malignity LP
Tomb Mold - The Bottomless Perdition & The Moulting LP
Vastum - Orificial Purge LP
Warfuck - This Was Supposed To Be Fun LP
Whirling Hall Of Knives - Knukke CS
Whoresnation - Mephitism LP
Workin' Man Noise Unit - It's Not Nothin' CS
Wymyns Prysyn - Head In A Vise LP
Yacopsae - Fuck Punk Rock LP
Zek - Illusion Of Choice CS

Incoming / Restocks:
Beasters EP
Cognizant - s/t LP
Creston Spiers LP
Cryptic Shift - Visitations From Enceladus LP
Intensive Care / Incinerated - Split EP
Lingua Ignota - All Bitches Die LP
Lingua Ignota - Caligula 2xLP
Old Man Gloom - Seminar VIII LP
Old Man Gloom - Seminar IX LP
Takafumi Matsubara LP
Vile Horrendous Aerial Bombardment - s/t LP
The Whip LP
and more!

You can buy stuff here:

I also do a label though it's less active at the moment:

el Jefe

Thread starter
Apr 11, 2001
New distro stuff for the end of August:

Bodily Fluids - Sewer For Life CS [one nasty noiserock riff]
Ethereal Riffian - Legends LP [ukrainian stoner wizards]
Executioner's Mask - Despair Anthems LP [crowhurst does dark post punk]
Expander - Neuropunk Boostergang LP [stomping sci fi metal punk]
Frogskin / Taser - Split LP [finnish sludge battle]
Greenmachine - D.A.M.N. LP [legendary japanese sludgecore]
Knifedoutofexistence - A Fragile Future CD [droning depressing noisescapes]
Old Man Gloom - Seminar VIII Light Of Meaning LP [metal supergroup returns]
Old Man Gloom - Seminar IX Darkness Of Being LP [metal supergroup returns again]
Pissgrave - Demo LP [reprehensible death metal]

Buy: SuperFi Records

el Jefe

Thread starter
Apr 11, 2001
New stuff:

Knut - Bastardiser LP [vinyl remaster for this math metal masterpiece]
Left To Starve - Nikada Se Nisam Bojao Zmija LP [croatian sludge filth]
Tantrum - Twisted In Anguish LP [post hardcore a la keelhaul and unsane]


el Jefe

Thread starter
Apr 11, 2001
New stuff:

Backslider - Bacterial Eye CS [psychedelic powerviolence over in a flash]
Backslider - 2008-2013 CD [a ton of tracks from these thrashy gits]
Bain De Sang - Sacrificed For A Load Of Filth And Lies LP [grindcore from france]
Blind Eye - Demo CS [ex heresy & endless grinning skulls people doing punk]
Dephosphorus - Sublimation LP [inventive astrogrind from greece]
Eye Flys - Tub Of Lard CD [heavy hefty noise rock riffs from baltimore]
Hey Colossus - Dances / Curses 2xLP [newest epic of hazy krautrocking genius]
Hey Colossus - Four Bibles LP [2019 album of beautiful heaviness, now with singing]
Knife Hits - Eris LP [blistering chaotic hardcore, strong on the orchid / capsule vibe]
Serpent Eater - Vanitas LP [stomping black metal crusher from germany]

el Jefe

Thread starter
Apr 11, 2001
burrowing tape 01.jpg

BURROWING - Weight CS out now!

“Weight” is the second album from the Manchester-based collective known as Burrowing. It is the brainchild of Liam Stewart, drummer of instrumental wizards Nasdaq (as well as many, many other bands) with whom SuperFi made a great record a few years back.

Together with a small army of vocalists and collaborators, the intention was to distill each idea down to its essence and build it up again into whatever form it emerged into naturally, with no preconception of what that may be. Genre-defying variety is the name of the game here, with heavy, doomy moments rubbing shoulders with introspective indie-rock, prog drones and even synth-pop. Others have called it Jupiter-era Cave In meets Zombi meets From Monument to Masses meets Faraquet meets “the 1970s” (thanks to Apathy And Exhaustion blog for that).

This is out on our Tapes Of Wrath sub-label. There is a CD version which the band made which we also have in stock.

Also some new bits in the distro:
Exhalants - Atonement LP
Godstopper - Who Tries Anymore LP
Great Sabatini / Great Falls - Split LP
Moloch / Arria Paetus - Split LP
Regen Graves - Herbstlicht CD
Starless - Domain CD
They Leapt From Burning Buildings - Demo 2020 CS
Yaldabaoth - That Which Whets CD/CS

el Jefe

Thread starter
Apr 11, 2001
Bunch of stuff added to the distro!

Closet Witch / Racetraitor / Neckbeard Deathcamp / Haggathorn - Split 2xEP
Coffins - Noise Room Sessions EP
Den - Iron Desert LP
Faceless Burial - Speciation LP
Gender Fluids - Incorrigible LP
Godstopper - Who Tries Anymore LP
Great Sabatini / Great Falls - Split LP
Great Falls - A Sense Of Rest 2xLP
Heads - Collider LP
Heavy Sentence - Edge Of The Knife EP
Hyperdontia - Nexus Of Teeth LP
Immortal Bird - Empress / Abscess LP
Incinerated - Lobotomise LP
Justin Sweatt - Say Your Goodbyes LP
Luggage - Shift LP
Lurid Panacea - Demo I & II EP
Metus Obscuritatis / Eternal Dread - Split CS
Night Vapor - 1000 Miles Of Mud LP
Phrenelith - Desolate Endscape LP
Rawhead - Spineless Pigs LP
Sofy Major - Total Dump LP
Theories - Vessel LP
Tile - Stendell LP
Various - Votive Offerings LP


el Jefe

Thread starter
Apr 11, 2001

I got the Hum - Inlet 2xLP in stock, it's pretty expensive compared to most things I have but it's worth it.

And I also got this stack of Sulfuric Cautery stuff - amazing gory grindcore.
Sulfuric Cautery - Chainsaws Clogged With The Underdeveloped Brain Matter Of Xenophobes LP
Sulfuric Cautery - Three Years Of Torture CD
Incinerated / Sulfuric Cautery - Split EP
Sulfuric Cautery / Cystgurgle - Split EP

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