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el Jefe

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Hiya, been a while since I posted here! Sorry about that.

I moved to Ireland and have a bunch of records, tapes and zines to sell, new and old(ish). I also love posting long lists on forums.

New in the distro:
Ballpeen - Pachinko CS
Cerebral Rot - Odious Descent Into Decay LP
Chepang - Chatta LP
Comicide - Moral Improvement CS
Earth Federation / Noizegoat - Split LP
Escuela Grind - Indoctrination LP
Feastem - Graveyard Earth LP
Fetid - Steeping Corporeal Mess LP
Fret! - A Vanity Spawned By Fear CD
Full Of Hell - Trumpeting Ecstasy LP
Gate - Resurrection Of Relentless God LP
God’s America / MooM - Split EP
Hexx / Shitgrinder - Split EP
Hordur - Hubris LP
Iron Age - The Sleeping Eye LP
Magic Circle - Departed Souls LP
Marzuraan - Ten Years Too Late CS
Noisem - Cease To Exist LP
Obsequiae - The Palms Of Sorrowed Kings LP
Psycho / Emissaries Of Syn / MxAxMxA - Split LP
Punk + Metal Crossword Collection - Issue 1 Zine
Punk + Metal Crossword Collection - Issue 2 Zine
Red - Golden Oath Of Allegiance LP
Resent - Crosshairs LP
Ruin Lust - Choir Of Babel LP
Sigh Down One - Memory Is Short Longing LP
Slave Hands - No More Feelings LP
Su19b - Neutralize LP
Superstition - The Anatomy Of Unholy Transformation LP
Swarming Hordes - s/t CD
Tomb Mold - Manor Of Infinite Forms LP
Tomb Mold - Planetary Clairvoyance LP
Tomb Mold - Primordial Malignity LP
Tomb Mold - The Bottomless Perdition & The Moulting LP
Vastum - Orificial Purge LP
Warfuck - This Was Supposed To Be Fun LP
Whirling Hall Of Knives - Knukke CS
Whoresnation - Mephitism LP
Workin' Man Noise Unit - It's Not Nothin' CS
Wymyns Prysyn - Head In A Vise LP
Yacopsae - Fuck Punk Rock LP
Zek - Illusion Of Choice CS

Incoming / Restocks:
Beasters EP
Cognizant - s/t LP
Creston Spiers LP
Cryptic Shift - Visitations From Enceladus LP
Intensive Care / Incinerated - Split EP
Lingua Ignota - All Bitches Die LP
Lingua Ignota - Caligula 2xLP
Old Man Gloom - Seminar VIII LP
Old Man Gloom - Seminar IX LP
Takafumi Matsubara LP
Vile Horrendous Aerial Bombardment - s/t LP
The Whip LP
and more!

You can buy stuff here:

I also do a label though it's less active at the moment:

el Jefe

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Hey Gary! I'm in Skerries, it's where my missus is originally from. The fresh air's making me high.
I owe you a message man

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