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Jun 3, 2006
Stony Sugarskull (L.A/Berlin) w/ support from Sun Mahshene & Father!
The Taproom Drop Dead Twice Dublin
Doors 8pm Entry €5

Hailing from Berlin, Germany, Monika Demmler’s Stony Sugarskull plays a gorgeously haunting and hypnotic psychedelic rock that is both mysterious and hugely enigmatic. Her ghostly sound is right at home with the likes of The Warlocks, The Vacant Lots and Mazzy Star, as it invokes images of things like a peyote-inspired séance in a dark, candle strewn urban attic or an aimless wander through a moonlit desert at three o’clock in the morning (Record Crates United). Her unique vocal style and delivery is not only playful, innocent, ironic, and clever, but also serious, even spiritual. It’s very distinctive – a kind of detached arty Velvets thing happening.



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