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Jul 20, 2016
Looking for a singer/collaborator for a new musical project.. I've sketched out a series of laptop doodles / demos over the last couple of years with cheap equipment which I'd describe as something like minimalist synth/guitar pop, melodic but with kind of an eerie nocturnal feel. Some reference points for what I'm currently aiming for might be the later Broadcast albums, or the 1st Memory Tapes album, or the solo Thom Yorke stuff.. might be a hint of OMD or that era of thing in there too.

I'm more interested in a distinctive vocal style than technical ability as such. You'll also have to write the lyrics! It's currently a one-man effort but I'm open to adding as many members as required in future. If you can also play an instrument that's a bonus but not required - I'm totally up for collaborating on the music composition aspect in future. I'm into a fairly wide mix of stuff - a lot of indie rock, electronic and ambient, '80s and '70s rock & pop, post-punk & new wave, kraut, psych, a bit of jazz, folk, modern classical etc.

I'm in my early 30s, have been in some bands before but not for a few years. Basically doing this for the creative outlet and the buzz of performing/rehearsing, i.e. no major aspirations to a 'career' in music.. that said I don't want to just piss around either - the intention is to put some recordings together as soon as possible, release something to the public and play some gigs. If this appeals to you e-mail me at [email protected] and I'll send you a few MP3s of things I'm working on and we can take it from there (if you have a recording of you singing go ahead and send through a sample if you'd like).

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