Samuel L Jackson stands up for the micks! (1 Viewer)


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from The Plough

The screen legend was recently interviewed by Kate Thornton on British
TV about working with Colin Farrell in "S.W.A.T." when
the following
conversation took place.

Kate: What's it like working with Colin, 'cos he is just so hot in the
UK right now.

Samuel: He's pretty hot in the US, too

Kate: Yeah, but he's one of our own!

Samuel: Isn't he from Ireland?

Kate: Yeah, but we claim him 'cos Ireland is beside us.

Samuel: You see that's your problem right there. You British keep
claiming people that don't belong to you. We had that problem in
America too -- it was called slavery.



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Let us now commence in posting plentiful humourous comparisons between the plights of the average discriminated African-American and our own day-to-day persecution by the British man.

It's hard out here for a paddy.


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here's a bit more of the interview, someone didn't believe it really happened and wrote to the production company who sent them this transcript of the interview....would love to see a video clip of it but haven't found any yet...

Now lets talk about Colin because in the UK he’s become the man of the moment.
Really? Only in the UK?
KT: Well everywhere but we kind of claim him as our own because he’s from Ireland.
SLJ: You can’t claim him because he’s from Ireland.
KT: Well we do because it’s close by. (laughter)
SLJ: Ok. That’s the source of all the conflict over there. You people always claiming the Irish as yours. We got a little problem just like that here called slavery but that’s ok we don’t need to talk about that so lets go. (more laughter)
KT: Well Colin is a very well paid slave.
SLJ: Ok good.
KT: As are you.
SLJ: Yeah all right.



bad ape
mac warzonescum said:
And the lesson we can all take away from this? That Kate Thornton is a silly bitch.

Hardly a revelation.
that samuel jackson is a cool bastard.
he might give it to you anally if you put a bag over your head, janer.


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mmmmm I would slag u back but u ran off and bawled like a baby to Mazzieanne last time.


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Use your nails boys and girls...

Wasnt this about the irish being slaves to the english and not anal sex with janer :eek:

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