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Feb 11, 2006
good old sligo
Chatting to someone recently about reissuing old Irish bands and had posted on facebook about it but thought hear would be an equally/superior place for suggestions for those of you on Facebook the main suggestions were Ciunas and My Name Is Satan
There was one or two other things mentioned that were never released such as Droppin Bombs
Any other suggestions or reinforcement on the mentioned above
Sledgehammer demo. (mine got lost years ago)
Asylum demos

(If anyone has old demos of Irish bands I'll happily buy them)
Pre Coldwar Trev and I think one of the guitarists were in Stagnation. I used to have that demo. Also guitarist was in Claypigeon ? Did they ever record?
Not sure they'd suit the typical distroy audience,but

DFA from Bangor. Another one where my demo is long gone. They had a few though

The Golden Mile from Belfast.

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