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Will it be in any shops?
I doubt it somehow but maybe follow the link to their site and email them and ask? Maybe they'll be giving to some to distros- I know the bands are getting a few copies too... Other than that I don't have much info, sorry...


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Thats not how i read it,it reads like some of the many irish bands who do not have vinyl. Not some of the bands on the record do not have vinyl.


It's not the object of the record (not that I was involved in it's conception) - just something I thought might be a selling point that there's a possibility that a good few of them may not get anthing out on vinyl. I hope I'm wrong and all 12 do at some point but it's a good document of some current bands all the same.


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I'm not criticising the record,I'll most likely buy a copy. It ws just a comment,and I stick with my interpretation.

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