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Apr 7, 2001
Just an idea... this could be a sticky thread:

Job going in a mate's business:

"Ideally you will have experience of Python or Ruby (or similar) and good knowledge of the web - you will know a web server from a router, your HTML from your RTMP. "
The company is currently based in England but you can work from home with this job.

There's also a job going in my place. Haven't put the job description yet, but message me if you're interested. It's to do with Data Warehouses and SQL and all that jazz. You'd have to move to Bournemouth in Southern England - but pay isn't bad.
EMPLOYERS. Avoid hiring unlucky people by immediately tossing half the CVs into the bin
Lucky you.
I'd hate to work there. Hordes of brit spivs in their early twenties......
Not many spivs down here. Well... actually... there are loads. Hanging around Poole and Sandbanks. But otherwise it's all very middle England with it's soft paranoia over teacakes and clinking china.
"capable of tolerating “people who may be irate, confrontational or very unpleasant” and able to cope with frustration “when people refuse to answer the door or speak to you”."

that part would be my downfall.i'd end up getting my head kicked in or kicking someones head in.
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