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Nov 7, 2001
Harmonic & Popical Island present…


The Workman’s Club
Friday March 18th, 2011
8pm til late
Tickets on sale now priced €12.50 (including booking fee) from www.tickets.ie & City Discs. €12 on door.
18th March is the feast of St. Pop at the Workman’s Club, as Harmonic teams up with Popical Island to bring you a multifaceted fix of song-driven beat goodness from that side and this side of the Atlantic. The Mantles and Nodzzz arrive excitingly from out west, while Land Lovers and Yeh Deadlies catch mere buses to town. After the jangly, scuzzy, melodic, tune-packed proceedings close, Popical Island DJs take over. Read on…
With two acclaimed seven-inches under their belt, The Mantles answer the call for more with a stunning debut LP sure to please all who cross its path. The Mantles have been dead-on in distilling a contemporary pop / psych concoction that mixes equal parts early Chills with early Dream Syndicate—and really, who among us wouldn’t want a bottle of that with which to quietly tipple the day away?
Recorded by Greg Ashley, the LP taps said hybrid, and if anything, burrows deeper into the core of rock, extracting essential magma that fuses early SF Ballroom psychedelia, Byrds-ian jangle-pop, and the Velvet Underground’s extraordinary ability for serpentine leads and bridges. And yep, that pretty much covers all the bases. Look for the band to embark on their first US tour in September, supporting Ty Segall coast to coast.

“… a vibe somewhere between the crisp gauze of Midwest groups associated with the early-’80s garage revival (Vertebrats, Plasticland, etc.) and the mysto-stroke of late-’80s New Zealand.” —Byron Coley, The Wire

“… really stokes the node in its uncanny similarity to old-school Paisley Underground—you know, before it had been so sadly tagged. The strains, strums, and streams that permeate so lost and wonderfully … remind my tired soul of early Leaving Trains, The Last, as well as the roster that made up Steve Wynn’s Down There label.”
Nodzzz are an American Band, but don’t let that scare you off. They are the axis where a hyper-literate, intense, questioning East Coast meets a bubblegum, breezy, pop-loving West Coast, but don’t call them the Midwest. Call them, if you must de-ensemble, Anthony Atlas and Sean Paul Presley—the first a native of New Jersey, and the second from San Francisco. They are two bright young men playing guitars and harmonizing, alongside a minimalist but muscular backbeat drummer who provides the third element of the power-trio called Nodzzz.
Nodzzz sound has its roots in the buzzing, jangling, nervous guitar pop of The Feelies and the neurotic but knowing world of Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers, and takes its Do-It-Yourself inspiration from homemade, intensely personal, idiosyncratic voices like Beat Happening, Guided By Voices and Television Personalities.
Nodzzz write songs. (All bands write songs (except those lazy jazz and classical bands, ‘orchestras’)), but Nodzzz write songs that don’t require a Chrysler-sized reverb tank and a small battalion of whooshing and whirring sound effects to carry them past the finish line. Whether high or low concept, a Nodzzz song will always find an economic and melodic route into your cranium, sparing as they do ostentation for concise, pop brevity.
Their debut single, for example, “(I Don’t Wanna) Smoke Marijuana” was something of a garage-pop light-switch, a modern Gloria-esque A-side nugget which topped many 2007 year-end lists, and jumpstarted San Francisco’s own cult DIY-label Make A Mess Records, (the subsequent home of similar debut records by Grass Widow, Brilliant Colors, White Fence, and more.) Nodzzz followed that with a killer self-titled LP on What’s Your Rupture in 2008 and the ‘True To Life’ single in 2009. They have since toured the US, Great Britain, and Europe.
Now the 2nd Nodzzz LP is soon to be upon us. It’s titled Innings—a nod to their origin—Anthony and Sean met playing baseball at college in Olympia, Washington—and a metaphor for pop songs in general, suggesting units of time in sequence, like so many Innings in a super-ceaseless game. But what will we find in Innings? More short, sharp shocks, casual observations and cosmic intimations, winsome melodies and guitars that clang, chime and carve deep, lasting impressions in your cerebral core. The old Nodzzz wit and sass, but drifting into a more profound, deeply Felt sphere. Don’t get all dreamy-eyed on them though – Nodzzz won’t have it!
Land Lovers have notions on being a pop band. They certainly play melodic enough songs with snappy words and some foot-tapping beats. They come from the tail-end of 2008, where they are about to release debut lo-fi homespun album Romance Romance. They have arrived here in 2010 with another, glossier album, Confidants, some way towards completion. They remind some folk of XTC, or Television, or Elvis Costello & the Attractions. One of the things they do is to help out the Popical Island collective with its various undertakings. Apropos of this, they had a song on the much-loved compilation Popical Island #1 last summer and band-member Padraig Cooney wrote The High Line, a Christmas single released recently by the collective. They played at Electric Picnic last year and claim it was “very good”.
Yeh Deadlies are Annie, Padraig, Jonny Fun and Grave Deen. They have released 3 EPs and a 7” single to date (notices for which may be read below), as well as various tracks to compilations including 2010’s Popical Island #1 and A Hard Old Station: Christmas With The Popical Island Showband.
Yeh Deadlies are founding members of the Popical Island collective.
Members of Yeh Deadlies are also involved with Jonny Fun And The Hesitations. Annie and Padraig also play as Tieranniesaur whose song Sketch! , described by newswhip.ie as ”the best song written by woman or man on the planet this year”, was also named one the best songs of 2010 on Nialler9 . The band’s 2010 release The Dead Living EP was named one of the best of the year by SwearI’mNotPaul blogand one of the year’s top 10 free downloads by Nialler9 in the Irish Independent. The re-released Snow Joke EP was named as one of Harmless Noises’s best releases of the year. The band are soon to be included in State.ie ‘s “Faces of 2011” and Entertainment.ie ‘s “Promise of 2011” features. Yeh Deadlies have begun work in earnest on their debut album, The First Book Of Lessons, which will see the light of day in the first half of 2011.

“An absolute joy of a single from this Dublin group…an absolutely beautiful nugget of super-optimistic, shambolic, sugar-rush, we-can-do-anything, distantly wistful, cardigan-wearin’ power-pop that bounces around like sitting on a freshly mown hillside with your friends on the last day of school in July…It’s so great I could cry.- Stereo Sanctity Blog

“Crepe-paper-pop”.- NME
www.harmonic.ie www.popicalisland.tumblr.com

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