12Sundays // Sundays at The Bernard Shaw // April 2013 (1 Viewer)

conor l

Jan 14, 2009

7th April
12 DJs
Galactic Beat Club
+ guests

14th April
Butter (live)
+ Louis Scully

21st April
I Am The Cosmos (DJ Set)
+ Joma

28th April
This Greedy Pig DJs
+ Joma
+ Aaron Dempsey
Broadcast live on The Bernard Shaw Ustream

Forthcoming at 12: Gaye Pride - A Tribute To Marvin Gaye, Madteo (Irish Debut), Discotekken Live, Shane Linehan, Tr One, 12 Boat Party & more

Full listings and info here: http://bodytonicmusic.com/events/c/12/

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12 on Mixcloud: http://mixcloud.com/12sundays
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Book a space at http://thebernardshaw.com

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