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    Happy Birthday, Squiggle

    Happy bday Squiggle!
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    Minor complaints thread

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    Minor complaints thread

    A couple of neighbours just fuck their unused half sliced pans out in the road for the odd passing pigeon to enjoy. A fairly odd interpretation of recycling. Words got out among the seagull community and there was a load of noisy gulls going nuts outside the window this morning several hours...
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    Coronavirus: Better Call Sol - CORONAMANIA

    If you get it twice is it doublesh?
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    Minor complaints thread

    Fyi any of the Tecs work with gutters,just used my Tec9 to blast all the leaves out of my gutter,now they empty in less than half a second
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    You know you're getting old....

    I now try to get people to take food with them when they leave. "Do you want to bring some of that ham there?" Just in case they go somewhere that has no ham and they find themselves in desperate need of ham
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    So sorry to hear this, met her a few times and she was always incredibly sound. RIP
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    Happy Birthday, Unicron

    Happy Birthday!
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    Steam and other videogame bargains someone should buy...

    This thread is deadly,thanks. Im slowly putting together a pile to play when I build a pc over the next few months. I feel a bit like those people who buy Vinyls yet dont own a Vinyls player.
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    Happy Birthday, moose

    Happy bday Moose!
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    Can we have a guitar pedals thread?

    I was checking out some youtube clips to help decide what overdrive Id build for myself and I'm now suffering from "sweet blues lick" fatigue
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    Offered coffee stuff

    sure thing,thanks
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    Offered coffee stuff

    I'd be very interested in the moka pot
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    Vocal coaching - any use?

    The Zen of Screaming is worth a look for warm ups/singing without blowing your voice out
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    What movie did you watch last night?

    Sorry dunno what happened there in the above quote post