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    Purple Jews - A tribute night for David Berman - Sound House, Oct 17

    This was absolutely fuckin brilliant,fair play to everyone was all highlights. good man yourself Dudley!
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    Minor complaints thread

    College online video meetings in the evening.Although this turned into a minor pleasure.An american I was chatting to gave a really positive over the top response when Id mentioned having a meeting this's only now I've realised she thinks im in AA
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    Clothes and haircuts

    Ive also genuinely thought about inventing a family for my tesco self service neighbours to explain said tshirt/the romantica im going home to eat
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    Clothes and haircuts

    A discussion came up recently about choice of pal was explaining clothes choices for a few days away,daytime,evening,something for going somewhere fancy etc. I realised id chosen the jumper I was wearing for the evening because "there wasn't that much dinner on it"
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    Dating Apps OR Just signed up for Bumble. And Hinge.

    Don't forget to just have DTF as your bio so they know you're down with Thumped forums
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    adios silver jews

    Such fucking awful news.I think you develop a particularly personal relationship with a band if you think you'll never see them.first heard em on a domino records sampler I bought in Madrid,Natural Bridge is one of my absolute favourites.sums up your entire existence at a slant,"there must be a...
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    The 'Bands I don't Get' thread

    To each his bone
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    Minor complaints thread

    Crossed with some of this. A solid combo.By no means a criticism,I do like Villagers
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    Bargains Bargains Bargains

    Ah balls back up to $234 now!
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    Ireland Music Week 2019, 1st - 5th October

    I suppose the old names redundant as all the cool new bands just pretend they're working class anyway
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    Learn guitaring offa the Youtube-Its a GOLDMINE!

    Theres a book (and vidjo) called pumping nylon I've found great for fingerstyle
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    YHRF present David Thomas Broughton

    Whoa!time flies. I've picked up tickets and so have a couple of pals,ill definitely spread the word too,its going to be great!
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    Too lazy to look

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    YHRF present David Thomas Broughton

    Really looking forward to this,the last gig in St. Michans was amazing!
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    What movie did you watch last night?

    Watched that Fyre festival documentary too. Can't believe people trusted an organiser who has trouble pronouncing "crayon", and a rapper who's biggest hit is him boasting about his timekeeping skills