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    Would anyone like €15?

    I was most of the way through registration and they hadn't mentioned it,I'll hang on till they're doing another offer and get us both some of that filthy lucre
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    Would anyone like €15?

    Is that still at 30?went to sign up but could only find info on a 15 euro bonus
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    Coronavirus: Better Call Sol

    I took from it the 2k thing was a handy way to prevent people travelling for exercise,stopping people all descending on glendalough/bull island etc as they've been doing
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    Thread for beautiful music to keep us going
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    Plague music

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    Happy Birthday, Unicron

    Happy birthday man!
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    Dating Apps OR Just signed up for Bumble. And Hinge.

    It's the perfect time for it. Bio : "let's self-isolate,together" Theme song by The Germs You'd be knee deep in swipes
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    Simple podcasts in Irish

    Again not quite what you're looking for but I found the Turas Teanga series massively helpful when I was brushing up a few years ago,you can pick it up from the library...
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    Ian William Craig (Fatcat/Recital) + Rachael Lavelle @ The Sound House

    Loved that Bello Bar gig,this'll be class
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    Clothes and haircuts

    I just wear them for dates.Just to tone things down a bit,don't want to look like I'm trying too hard
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    Clothes and haircuts

    They're the source of my favourite work burn.Id worn some in when I was working in a youth service as we were doing a trip out to some trampoline place.The other worker looked bemused and mentioned it was unusual to see me in them because "it's just that usually you look well"
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    Quick question

    Nope,academy is beside what was the twisted pepper,dead end street venue was Andrews Lane Theatre
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    Major Complaints Thread

    Nah totally agree.I wouldn't really either.ive mainly found letting them know fully aware of your rights or the legal options available to you is enough of a bargaining chip to keep estate agents/landlords from keeping deposits or acting outside the law.Complaining is usually always not worth...
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    Major Complaints Thread

    Ahh I see what you're saying, I've given him the choice of reparations or a duel
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    Major Complaints Thread

    You know what?you're dead right man.I can refer the matter to the WRC on the grounds of him discriminating against someone on the grounds of them receiving rent allowance.From what I've heard this kind of Craic is rife despite it being illegal