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    Coronavirus: Better Call Sol

    Are all these holiday homes second homes? Or are a load of them rented out for the weekend/week by owners not from those seaside areas. Or basically owners that don't give a fuck and want to make money. Maybe if it was made an offense to short term rent/let in a tourist area (however that would...
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    Coronavirus: Better Call Sol

    Youth truly is wasted on the young. Groups of teenage lads wandering about here as well going absolutely fucking nowhere. Go home and wank yereselves into a coma lads for the good of the country
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    General election 2020

    So I'm stuck in the Cork North West constituency even though I live quite close to Cork City. 9 candidates 2 FF, 2 FG 1 GP, 1 Aontu, 1 SD, 1 Irish Freedom Party and 1 Independent In terms of strategic voting here and seeing as I've ruled FF, FG and the Irish Freedom Party candidate out of hand...
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    So I binned the facebook app and their messenger app off my phone a couple of years back. Great stuff, didn't really miss it. Browse facebook sometimes on the browser on the phone. I also changed my browser recently to Firefox on my computer and started using the Facebook Container plugin...
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    Giving up the smokes

    I knew I had posted in here before. That attempt lasted about six months. And followed a 3 year hiatus from 1999-2002. I quit again in 2015. E-cig and patches. The e-cig has 0mg nicotine in it and comes on my rare social outings. A patch gets applied if I feel anyway like a cigarette at any...
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    Beastie Boys - Check Your Head (1992)

    Most of my mates that weren't into death metal like I was, or who were rapidly transitioning post Nirvana had this album back then. I heard it on the radio, saw the videos for the singles. I don't think I've ever put it on to listen through till today. This is great.
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    This was a great show.
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    European and Local elections 2019

    Irish Elections: Geography, Facts and Analyses I got this as a reply when I asked a similar question on Twitter a while back
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    European and Local elections 2019

    There are Green Party candidates for Europe and locally for me. They'll get the number 1. After that I'm not sure I'll vote any further preferences. They may have been considered patsy's in coalition with Fianna Fail back then but they did bring about some little bit of an attempt at cleaning us...
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    Jaysus cycling!

    Has anyone converted their regular bike with an electric kit, hub or mid mount?
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    Let's get this over with, Albums of the Year 2018, definitive and comprehensive lists.

    The Quietus is the list of the year for me, gets me out of extreme metal world for a while as I go through a load of albums and bands I haven't heard about on there
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    Turntable Belt for Pioneer PL 200 needed

    Many years later and it turns out this model didn't have a belt. It was a direct drive motor. I had to spray the 3 speed pots as they were all sticking and got it running at correct speeds again. I'm an expert at taking the thing apart now. Unfortunately it's only got audio from the right...
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    Jaysus cycling!

    Hoping someone may have some knowledge on a bike tyre problem I'm having. I bought a pair of Schwalbe 700-23 tyres for my Giant OCR4. When I try fitting them they go on grand. When I try inflating them part of the tyre starts popping off the rim on both wheels. On closer examination of the old...
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    Skipping Tracks

    I find with compilations or playlists of any kind, if I start with the track skipping its all over. I'll be hitting the skip nonstop
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    Jaysus cycling!

    Checking if anyone has any advice on this idea. I have a Giant OCR 4 that I would like to convert to a straight handle bar. Its pretty identical to the one in the photo here. Shimano brake and gear shifters integrated, 7 speeds on back, 2 up front. And advice/horro stories, what I should be...