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  • I've stuff coming in from Not Not Fun, Hospital, American Tapes, Trujaca Fala, GEL Tapes (all releases of ex Raccoo-oo-oon members), Blackest Rainbow, Slooow Tapes and loads more. I'll be posting a thread about it soon, if you want a full list of what's coming in I can send ya one.
    I'll be selling the Xasthur tapes. Opening a new tape based distro that'll be noise/drone/punk/hc etc soon...
    Not so bad. Haven't been about Dublin at all this last year or so between work and Uni. Really need to take a sprint down sometime soon. Hows tricks with you? Still working in tower/making music?
    actually how do you download the games on the wii??? Never done that. Might pick up some points for it today. Are they expensive?
    had a blast of House of the Dead in the arcade by Cineworld recently. probably the most fun you can have for €1 in Dublin?! this Overkill sounds tempting! anyway hope to make it along to the gig on Sunday night. i think the last time i saw you do noise I didn't know you!
    i think that whip/arp night is gonna be great - ye should deffo come down for it!! am's been pretty busy but fling her another text! be great to see yiz:) hope ya had a great b-day!
    things be good!! happy birthday to ya:) ya plannin be down this way any time in the near future? any headway on any o them cubs overdubs? hope things are fine and dandy & to see ya soon:)
    hiya gary! yeah, it's been a while... how are things? looking for a ladyland tour eh?
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