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camping around ireland

Discussion in 'Travel' started by the departed, May 25, 2006.

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  1. the departed

    the departed New Member

    hey can anyone recommend a nice spot to camp out for a night?
    preferably somewhere near dublin like glendalough or powerscourt or something. at least i think theyre near dublin.
    is there any proper spots as i dont feel like gettin bumbum raped by a farmer or something..
    maybe somewhere near a nice walk in a forest or by the coast..

  2. Gambra

    Gambra Anarchic Harmonics Staff Member

    Not very "around Ireland" now is it?? :)
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  3. the departed

    the departed New Member

  4. clonan attack

    clonan attack New Member

    sounds like yr gonna have to start a new thread with a more truthful question to ge ta reply rulebreaker!
  5. La La

    La La i drink your milkshake

    a load of us camped once at glendalough and it was brilliant.
    it's illegal where we did, but if you go along the right side of the lake (if you're facing it) for a good while, you'll see up on the right these steep slopes. search around up there for a flat spot.
    we even built a fort; it might still be there! so much deadliness; a great camping spot.
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  6. RSJ

    RSJ Well-Known Member

    Pull yer finger out and go camping down the country ya west brit bastard - loads of great spots round west cork and kerry. Some deadly deadly spots round the gal way too.
  7. broken arm

    broken arm New Member

    camping on the aran islands is the buzz. bring bikes
  8. figs

    figs New Member

    There's a nice spot at the edge of the forest beside the Youth Hostel in Glenmalure. Forest, river, mountains, all that fancy outdoor jazz right on your doorstep. You'll need a car to get to it, though. Or you might find a nice foresty spot somewhere along the wicklow way if you didn’t mind a bit of a walk. In terms of actual official campsites in Wicklow, there's one in Redcross, near enough to Brittas Bay, one in Roundwood which is just off the Wicklow Way, and one in Rathdrum, which is a kip.
  9. the departed

    the departed New Member

    hey dudes. im sure the west is the best like. buh i say near dublin as ive little or no money for the transport of oneself you see. here rsj, wheres could so near kerry?
    im considering everything here.ill do the east one day and the west the next.
    thanks for the help thus far folks.
  10. RSJ

    RSJ Well-Known Member

    There's loads of beaches around kerry that're top. If i were you i'd look up some surfing spots along the south and west coasts on the net and head there. Inchadonney, down near clonakilty is one of the best spots - get to cork, then get the bus to clonakilty (goes through bandon), then it's about a mile and a half out the road. Headed there meself in early july.
  11. plug

    plug Well-Known Member

    you're painting a very poor image of farming folk there.. you're much less likely to be bum raped than be shot at, chased with pitchforks, locked into a wicker man etc.

    anyway, what rsj said... might find some info here:
  12. RSJ

    RSJ Well-Known Member

    Watch for splints if you're locked into a wicker man. Got an awful doing with them one summer down by lahinch.

    Anyways, RE: Kerry, got this text off a mate after i enquired: "well castlegregory obviously... inch is good, all the surfing spots really, brandon, dingle.. they're all good". I'd defo vouch for dingle. Great pubs down there, and tonnes of secluded beaches to sleep on.
  13. figs

    figs New Member

    If you're relying on public transport than maybe my suggestions are a bit out of the way. Head to Roundwood or Glendalough on the St Kevins Bus and head for the Wicklow Way. You could set up camp in the forests there and you'd be grand.
  14. La La

    La La i drink your milkshake

    last summer on the basta! tour we were in limerick and this guy told us we could kip in one of his fields. it was a lovely field....and had just been laid with manure at the other end. yuck!
    anyway we got accustomed to the smell and it was one of the best camping trips i've ever done; was on the longest day of the year so it was bright enough til 11. absolut good timez :)
  15. the departed

    the departed New Member

    awesome. you know i might even get the lads with the surf boards out and make a trip out of it. lahinch or dingle or whathaveya.
    jayzus imagine being burned in a wicker man. not even prayin saved yer man!
    thanks dudes/dudette
  16. Shay HT

    Shay HT New Member

    yeah was gonna recommend Glenmalure area, i go to a great spot down there, you can even put your drinks in the river to keep them cool!

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  17. La La

    La La i drink your milkshake

    hahahahahahahaa excellent. how DIY of you!
  18. itchy

    itchy New Member

    Loch dan near lara in wicklow is nice, v nice
  19. Bag'o'cans

    Bag'o'cans New Member

    Bull island, just watch out for the paedogay rapists, rats, needles, condoms and dogging meetings. There's been a tent near sandymount for weeks, must be a dead body in it!
  20. RSJ

    RSJ Well-Known Member

    Note: Ryaniar doing dublin to cork for a tenner all in at the mo...
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