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Ballroom of Romance # 16: Friday May 9th 2003

Discussion in 'General' started by Knacker, Apr 30, 2003.

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  1. Knacker

    Knacker New Member

    The Ballroom of Romance # 16.
    Friday, 9th May 2003.
    Venue: The Lower Deck, Portobello (just past the Bleeding Horse, it's right behind Portobello College at the Canal).
    Time: 9pm
    Tickets: At the door, €6 a head. Free CD-R to the first one hundred punters in.

    Go along to this if you want a bit of craic and some fun.

    DRAT hail from Belfast and can count former members of Watercress in their line-up. They are releasing a new EP and their sound is similar enough to Grandaddy and other such quirky pop gems. Check out their web-site. It's deadly. http://www.doubledrat.net

    Deputy Fuzz
    One of Dublin's most-loved bands, Deputy Fuzz will be bringing their angular view of rock to the Ballroom stage for a second time.

    Robert Blake
    Coming to us from San Francisco, Robert Blake is embarking on an Irish tour. Has been known to hitch around the country with a guitar strapped to his back. With his folky sound, he'll be telling tales of his windswept and interesting life.

    Keith Moss
    Dublin-based singer/songwriter who is one of the better ones about the town. Expect songs about fire, desire, wires and liars.

    Check out the Ballroom site for more details: http://www.ballroomofromance.com

  2. sparse

    sparse Well-Known Member

    Awww NO not another one!
  3. Squack

    Squack New Member

    I think that should read
    AWWW yes another one!
  4. #10-7

    #10-7 New Member

  5. Alex

    Alex New Member

    class website indeed DRAT
  6. Squack

    Squack New Member

    Ah yeah
  7. pete

    pete chronic procrastinator Staff Member

    I believe this clashes with Immolation / Malevolent Creation gig.

  8. MDR

    MDR Did you get my email?

    I've missed the last couple of ballrooms so I'm going to go to this - quite a (Imelda) quirky theme going on - big up.

    I agree with Lorcanzo: hello indeed.
  9. Knacker

    Knacker New Member

    Wooo.... poster for the next one.

    If any of you want anything designed by Fred Murray, you can get him at countfreedo@yahoo.com

    Attached Files:

  10. Knacker

    Knacker New Member

    Okay... updated the site with lots of pictures and all that. Well overdue.
    so the site address is http://www.ballroomofromance.com

    If any band who has played wants a bit more on their biog, drop me a line at billy@ballroomofromance.com

    And if you have any pictures from the Ballroom, send them on.

    This one should be a lot of fun.
  11. Yurn!

    Yurn! New Member

  12. Knacker

    Knacker New Member

    hola I think you'll find. Shameless hupping.

    DRAT are incredibly sound... they offered to bring down just about everything we need for the night... all the way from Belfast.
  13. Unclealo

    Unclealo Uncle Alo

    This will be the first Ballroom I can't make, due to a gig in Belfast. Strange days :(
  14. Alex

    Alex New Member

    Thanks a lot for this Billy, really appreciated :)

  15. Knacker

    Knacker New Member

    They were meant to be up months ago. Finally all the pictures are up, but the bloody frames are not so nice....

    Have to give Kirstie a shout about that. She has the answers...
  16. Knacker

    Knacker New Member

    I know who the Pope is
  17. Yurn!

    Yurn! New Member

    Where the devil is a photo of me? I am fucking SO deadly for fucks sake. Jesus.
  18. the pope

    the pope New Member

    think so eh?
  19. Knacker

    Knacker New Member

    Blackfort Organics behind the Foggy Dew beforehand... go see Rory Carr et al. perform drumming wizardry. FOR FREE. Then off up to the Ballroom. All for just €6.
  20. Squack

    Squack New Member

    Just a reminder,

    Knacker and Squack will be celebrating their birthday on the 13th of June so for the next ballroom we want loads of pressies

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