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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by HMD, Dec 25, 2008.

  1. HMD

    HMD Well-Known Member Supporter

    WTF. OMFG!!!!!!1

    i got sent it as a xmas card. if you haven't seen it, keep it that way.

  2. moose

    moose Born to raise hell. Staff Member Supporter

    Haven't seen yet, off to google it now. Cheers.
  3. moose

    moose Born to raise hell. Staff Member Supporter

  4. ernesto

    ernesto lover not a fighter Supporter

  5. Flux

    Flux Well-Known Member

    There goes my Christmas dinner.
  6. riath

    riath Well-Known Member

    Sweet Jesus
  7. mr pharmacist!!!!1

    mr pharmacist!!!!1 Well-Known Member

  8. HMD

    HMD Well-Known Member Supporter

    i told you not to look.
  9. moose

    moose Born to raise hell. Staff Member Supporter

    I'm still glad I did.
  10. nooly

    nooly Well-Known Member

  11. nooly

    nooly Well-Known Member

  12. damien

    damien Well-Known Member

    fuck. dude. fuck.
  13. nooly

    nooly Well-Known Member

  14. Pantone247

    Pantone247 Well-Known Member

    ha ha ha ha ha!
  15. Diddles

    Diddles Well-Known Member

    On the one hand I thought it wasn't real, as yer man isn't rolling around screaming. But the more I thought about it, I reckoned that perhaps self preservation and cold logic set in whereby yer man knew that rolling around screaming would probably worsen the situation so he'd have to sort it himself pronto.

    It's as nothing compared to having a baby though.
  16. Shaney

    Shaney Well-Known Member Supporter

    obviously the whoe world is trying to watch it right now - i cant see anything at all. it can wait til i go back to work i suppose
  17. Diddles

    Diddles Well-Known Member

    Yes, save it for work. On the day your favourite aunt decides to drop in with a cake for everyone.
  18. Lili Marlene

    Lili Marlene Well-Known Member Supporter

    I didn't see the last one and i'm not gonna see this one
  19. HMD

    HMD Well-Known Member Supporter

    you do well to do that
  20. the strange guy

    the strange guy I LOVE ALLAH YOUSE

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