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    Contort,Disguise, I like bugs, byob in New Ross on Saturday, May 5th

    Thanks a million for the gig! we'll be passing through new ross nexttime for sure if you'll ave us back!
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    thanks to contort and all the bands we played with, to everyone who showed up and had a bit of a dance, you all made the tour totally worth it. Hopefully see y'all again soon
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    LONDON EMISSIONS ZONE (LEZ) CHARGE from 3rd January 2012

    apparently they have a private european agency to chase up potential fines for non UK van's if you pay £100 its only for the day you pay it so if you com in at 11pm and leave at 1am its £200, confirmed from a phonecall to enquiries earlier, this is REALY fucked!!!
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    LONDON EMISSIONS ZONE (LEZ) CHARGE from 3rd January 2012

    To all bands planning on any tours in the UK, From 3rd January 2012 there will be an emissions charge of £100 for any van entering the Greater London Area (Basically the Border is the M25). Check under "London congestion charge" there's a subsection explaining it better...
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    HDWRCKR006 - Cthulhu Youth/Armour of Contempt Split 7inch Harsh Nihilistic Grindviolence from London with a melting pot of influences........ Email [email protected] for samples at the moment, more to come soon..... For a full distro listing and other goings on check out...
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    Corrosion of Conformity. Saturday June 25

    saw em in London last month.....wasnt too impressed i ave to say! Dean looked as if he was havin trouble with anything that was'nt stoner grooves and i could have a perfectly audible conversation while standing next to the stage, and this was a big venue!!! Heard similar dissapointments from...
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    The Bold and The Beautiful (PL) in Ireland, end of April.

    Touche! London pratically gives punk genre's its own postcodes these days!
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    The Bold and The Beautiful (PL) in Ireland, end of April.

    Doubt people will want to go to both, quite different styles! I choose polishvoilence over cider punk........
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    rare records

    Agreed! The KISS of "post" rock (YAWN!) EDIT: I do ave a rised eyebrow over the CABLE vinyl though! mind you im a tight bastard!
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    that festive time.......

    thats why im comin round, you need a shoulder to cry on no? n lesco's is too hairy!
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    that festive time.......

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    that festive time.......

    24th - 28th december, or Chr*stmas..... anything happenin r shall i just go to skubi's n get rat arsed!
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    i wanna get a few copies for the do you want to do this?
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    Trenches, Drainland, Putrefaction - Thomas House, Tuesday the 5th of October

    ill be home for this anyone wanting regimes lp's by chance lemme know 6euros for you lovely people - check em out...
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    What was the first gig you ever went to??

    holy shit nooly i went to a gig before you!! that must earn me at least a dennis the menace badge!