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    Living in Melbourne

    When I was there we stayed in the Nunnery. It's near the city, but in a nice little area just outside. Kinda like ranelagh I guess. That said, I didn't love the hostel too much, but it might be different if you have a private room. Actually I'm pretty sure it would be different. Other than that...
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    Cool. I think it's meant to be quite warm at this time of year. Any other tips?
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    Has anyone been here? Any suggestions of things to do? Particularly in Vilnius.
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    How do I do that? Good advice indeed. Only thing is I have a Masters degree, so I'm not sure they'd give me money. Worth trying though.
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    Good advice. Cheers. So she reckons Nottingham is a bit more manic? I've heard mixed reports as regards how rough it is.
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    I'm moving to Nottingham in September to go to college there for a year. Anyone any tips?
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    Cork this weekend

    Anyone know of anything going on in Cork this weekend? I'm going down with some former college friends for the weekend. Any tips?
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    Band of Horses fans. Read it and weep.

    Maybe this has been posted elsewhere already, but take a look...
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    Bedroom available in apartment on Camden Street

    Surprisingly large and quiet apartment on Camden Street. Comes with two free housemates who are surprisingly nice to live with. Toilet and shower are included. Electricity and Gas bills are really low. Double Glazing on all the windows. It'd be great if you were a professional like us. And nice...
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    THE BOOKS, The Button Factory, Seated Show, May 13

    Stage times would be good alright, if there's any hope of that?
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    1, possibly 2 tickets for Pavement atp for sale.

    Still for sale and dirt cheap.
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    Bored In Work 412

    ha ha. "piss buck" is dutch for urinal.
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    Wanted: Video Links

    I know it's old, but:
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    1, possibly 2 tickets for Pavement atp for sale.

    still for sale...