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    Indigo Fury update/Free Album Download

    Hey all. Just a quick update from the Fury camp. We finally completed and released "Drive" our first full length album. We've had great feedback and some fantastic reviews which were really pleased about, more of that later. For those who haven't downloaded it yet, shame on you it's free...
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    Indigo Fury album "Drive", free download.

    Hey all, our debut full-lengther is out now. Get it on itunes, Spotify, Amazon and all the usuals. Or if you're a tight bastard join the mailing list here for a free copy: or here: Get her bucked.
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    What you been listening to this week?

    Shitfaced women rock! Cream: disraeli gears Super furries: songbook Black keys: thick freakness Turn: forward
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    Alternative rock in Dublin?

    Yes, the Michael Myers of the Irish music scene refuse to die! New album coming out so suitable Dublin venues?
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    Alternative rock in Dublin?

    Hey all, just putting the feelers out here. Are there any particular venues/monthly showcases that cater for alternative rock or even the heavy side of indie? We play the North regularly and take in the delights of Sligo and Louth now and then but would love to get down to Dublin. We used to...