UpStart is a non-profit voluntary arts collective.

Upstart transformed a vacant Dublin site on Dominick street lower into Granby Park, a place of creativity, nature, imagination, play and beauty for everyone.

For four weeks free arts events, an outdoor cinema & theatre performances, live music, educational activities and a pop-up café were open to the public for free.

UpStart worked with Dublin’s best creatives to provide the best of events, interactive art installations, lectures and workshops for all ages. All with the intention of creating a cultural pocket to replace a vacant plot in the centre of Dublin City.

For the last two years UpStart have been working on our plan to develop this new project with the help and support from number people including Dublin City Council, planners, architects, landscape architects, designers, research and education groups and the local community. Everyone has given their time and services for free and everything we do is voluntary.

So why did we do this?

In short, UpStart wanted to challenge how vacant sites can be used in our city. We wanted to offer people an experience and lastly we want to create something special for Dublin and its residents.

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