Loserdom 17

Loserdom 17 Out Now

Loserdom #17
Issue 17 of your favourite DIY / punk / cycling zine Loserdom is out now.

Loserdom #17 is just out and features 112 pages of interviews with Caoimhe Butterly (peace activist working in Lebanon with Palestinian refugees) & Deko (Paranoid Visions/ex-Striknien DC), Le Tour Punk 2, Back To The Cycleworks & Token Feminist Hero comics, an article on the Tour of Barcelona, zine & book reviews and more.

Loserdom is available in Dublin from Freebird Records (Wicklow St.), Squarewheel Cycleworks (Temple Bar lane), City Discs (Temple Bar lane), Sub City comics (Wicklow St) & Dublin Food Co-op (12 Newmarket, Dublin 8). In Cork you can pick it up at Plugd Records (Washington St) & Barracka Books (Barrick St). The Loserdom boys are looking for other distros or interested shops to get in touch.

The cost is a reasonable €3, or €4 postage paid. For orders contact: [email protected]


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