DCTV January 2010 Schedule

DCTVCommunity TV broadcaster DCTV‘s January schedule is now available.

Community TV broadcaster DCTV‘s January schedule is now available. The highlights include:

Access For All
Access for All is a four-part series, which looks at some of the issues facing the disabled community in Dublin. Each episode looks at a particular issue from the viewpoint of people with disabilities. The series participants speak candidly about their experiences in the areas of: Education; Family; Media and Disability; Sexuality and Relationships. The aim of the series is to facilitate individuals and the wider disabled community to become more visible and to present their own experiences and views on the issues that matter most to them. The people involved in the series provide thought-provoking and challenging stories about how they live work and define themselves. ‘This is a series about everyday people; not heroes or warriors, just regular people trying to access a regular life. And they want to share their stories with you because sometimes just fitting in and getting by takes all you’ve got.’

The G-Request Show
The G-Request show is a new and stylish Irish music multicultural Entertainment talk show and is a growing fast within the entertainment industry. They provide entertainment opportunity to upcoming artists and creatives.The show has supported various showcases around the country. Theyhave developed public awareness of gifted and creatives individuals and groups that reside within Ireland. They have members from different nationalities,groups and communities within the country.They provide creative entertainment,and bring forward many undiscovered talents.The show employs live stage performance and interview and behind the scenes stories to bring these artists to the public. This provides a forum for those who are looking or waiting to get their talent discovered.

Crew TV
Working with Young Urban Arts, DCTV invited 14 young people from youth projects across the city to get involved in scripting, acting, directing and producing their very own series called Happy Pizza. . Happy Pizza follows the life of John Murphy, a pizza guy going through the trials that his life has thrown at him.

Artery is a long running local arts and culture programme running on Northern Visions. It features the cream of the local art world, with guest slots from muscians and coverage of the audio and visual events.

Cannonball Run
The Cannonball Run was a 24 hour film race where groups of student film makers competed against each other for a prize from Filmbase. DCTV supported the project and showcases the highlights from the event here.

http://www.dctv.ie for more details & broadcast times.

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