Large Mound – Another Year Of Rock Launch, 29th March The Twisted Pepper

Large Mound‘s 12-months-in-the-making Another Year Of Rock LP gets an official CD launch gig on Thursday 26th March in The Twisted Pepper.

Picture the scene…

It’s the tail end of 2010 and Large Mound, Dublin’s premier downstroke rockers, find themselves in a quandary. A ton of songs and ideas but no drummer, no real appetite to embark on the 50 year old album template, and no desire to stop making music. So with the help of 12+ years of mates-in-bands acquaintances they decided to set themselves a challenge: a song a month, well recorded and fully realized, for twelve months.  

Kicking of on January 25th 2011 with ‘Cremate me’  and culminating on Christmas day with the titanic ‘Maybe Means Maybe’  the Mound found that the ‘get it done’ format really worked for them. With no time to think about songs for too long, ideas were logged, printed and released on the 25th day each month. There’s accordion, musical saw, mellotron, horns, vocal harmonies not seen since Queen had Freddie, and a rotating roster of drumming talent.

Ever present are the riffs and melodies Large Mound fans have come to expect.

The album, Another Year Of Rock, thus far lives online on the band’s website, where listeners can stream or download it at their leisure. But now for the first time, all 12 songs are being packaged in physical format and released this March through Rather Be Recording. 

This is Large Mound’s first gig since their opening slot with Pavement over a year ago. Expectations are high.
Another Year Of Rock Launch
Large Mound
Land Lovers
8pm, 29th March, The Twisted Pepper
Admission €10, with a free CD on the door (if you’re early)


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