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Hope Is Noise / Perm Children’s Fund

Hope Is Noise
All proceeds from the sale of the first 200 copies of the new Hope Is Noise CD are to be donated by the band & Rimbaud Records to the Perm Children’s Fund.

Hope is Noise & the Perm Children’s Fund
Support the Perm Children’s Fund by buying the new Hope is Noise CD. ALL proceeds from the first 200 copies of ‘Applaud Friends, The Comedy Is Over‘ will be donated to Love’s Bridge, an organisation working with street kids in Perm, Central Russia. Support the street kids of Perm and get your Hope Is Noise CD album! You can find out more about the Love’s Bridge organisation at their website, or add them on MySpace.

HOPE IS NOISE – Applaud Friends…The Comedy Is Over (Rimbaud)
Hope is indeed noise, well this noise is (and yes, that band name does require some kind of smartarse review juxtapose hope noise wordery). This is a fine album, a hopeful album. They sound like they’re going to be just another (good enough) post hardcore melodically inclined emotional indie rock band but then the details start to register – and then half way through they hit you with a way above average song called Dying To Tell You The Truth, and then you notice they hey, most of their songs are a cut above the average. They’re from Cork (Ireland) and if you like your tuneful post-hardcore and bands like Whipping Boy and Hot Snakes and Trail Of The Dead, if you like clever anthemic rock with a little twist and turn and a little bit of details that makes them stand out from the crowd, if you like delivered with a caustic edge, then this is for you… rather good, like it lots.

Review from Organ Art.

Hope Is Noise are currently touring the West Coast of America


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