Groom - Marriage

Groom – Marriage

Groom - MarriageGroom release ‘Marriage‘, their fourth LP, on August 21st at a gig in The Lower Deck.

Groom release ‘Marriage’, their fourth LP, on August 21st at a gig in The Lower Deck. Fellow Popical Island residents Land Lovers & Yeh Deadlies will also be playing.

Groom are five guys who play music together. Would they be friends in real life? Heck, they’re barely friends in Groom life. It’s possible though. They might be friends. They wouldn’t be enemies, exactly. They’re all different ages for a start, and they all like different kinds of music (those who like music, that is). I suppose at a push they’d politely sit in each other’s company and every so often a pregnant pause would occur, prompting the eating of a biscuit or the opening of a can of beer to ease the tension.

Now you might think that this would result in the music being a bit dull, a kind of compromise, but actually it’s not. This is mainly because the band’s songwriter, Mike, is a bit of a control freak knob and tells the rest of the guys what to do a lot of the time. It’s not like he’s a bully, he’s just really annoying and persistent. They don’t much like it but they do it half the time because, well, complaining is a pain in the arse, isn’t it? The other half, they secretly sneak in an extra lick, a hi-hat fluorish or an extra bass bit. They think he doesn’t notice but he does, oh you bet he does.

Here’s a taster from the album:
All the Bored People by popical_island

‘Marriage’ Album launch party
The Lower Deck, Portobello, Dublin 8
Saturday, August 21st, 8:30 pm
Admission: €10 (free CD on admission)

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