Groom – At The Natural History Museum

Groom release their new album ‘At The Natural History Museum’ on April 24th.

Groom release their new album ‘At The Natural History Museum‘ on April 24th.

An indie record about love and death…but mostly death.
Groom’s new album At the Natural History Museum is a pop record about death, filtered through the observations of six fictional characters. It explores themes of despair, questions on eternity, nightmares, suicide, loneliness, regret, and final acceptance—all performed with disarming cheerfulness and black humour in Groom’s signature pastoral pop style.
Six musical vignettes clock in at just over half an hour, each featuring a different protagonist clinging to life or else attending to its inevitable slipping-away: the character who experiences waking nightmares of vampires and the walking dead in Mythical Creatures; the lovers’ suicide pact in Let’s Die Together;  the failed bedroom troubadour in Death of a Songwriter; and the title track in which a man contemplates his failing marriage and fading mortality.
Written by Michael Stevens, the record was performed by Groom and produced by Chicago musician/artist, Barry Phipps, with engineering duties handled by Ryan Neuschafer (Chicago) and Nicky Coghlan (Dublin).

‘At the Natural History Museum’ is released on Tight Ship Records on April 24th, 2009 and will be available on iTunes as well as local outlets such as Road, Tower, Freebird Secret Book and Record Store and others. You can get a free copy if you attend the launch gig, which will be upstairs in Whelan’s on April 24th with Neosupervital also on the bill.


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