Emakousma – Island

Have a listen to Can’t Reach The Pedals from Emakousma‘s Island, due for release digitally and as a limited edition run of 50 cassettes from Fallow Field on November 18th.

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Fallow Field is very proud to present the debut album from one of Ireland’s great undiscovered talents. Emakousma is the musical project of Monaghan-based illustrator Barry Quinn. Island is the first public release of Quinn’s musical work and it bears the touch of a mature musical mind. Island contains ten tracks and Quinn moves between beautiful finger-picked guitar, gentle piano and abstract atmospheres with ease, the music flowing from melodic patterns through to rich textural passages. Refusing to become bogged down, Quinn’s playing is sprightly and diverse, imbuing the music with a sense of hope, warmth and something close to joy.

Fans of the John Fahey school of guitar playing, Nils Frahm’s delicate piano works or the home-made ambient folk explorations of Katie Kim will find plenty to fall in love with here.

All music & recording is by Emakousma and it was mastered at Analog Heart by Stephen Quinn. 

You can pre-order one of the 50 limited-edition cassette copies of Island from the Fallow Field webstore ahead of its digital release on November 18th.


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