Big Monster Love – Game Over

Big Monster Love launches his new album Game Over this Friday at Popicalia #6 in Shebeen Chic, Dublin and on Saturday in The Roisin Dubh, Galway.

Also on the bill at Friday’s Popicalia gig are Moutpiece & Brain Kelly (of So Cow fame), while Saturday’s Galway gig has Yeh Deadlies and Paul O’Reilly.

Game Over, the debut album from Big Monster Love will be released through Popical Island and Abomination Records on *FRIDAY THE 4th FEBRUARY 2011*. The record – which features the Beatlesque melancholy of Arctic Circles, the Liffeyside Motown of Bad Poetry, and the punk-pop whimsy of Free Gaff Forever – will be available on CD and download.

Big Monster Love wondered for years why the people singing on the radio didn’t sound like the people he encountered so he dedicated his modest talents to creating music that sounds more like his life. He deals with the first world problems he faces by writing simple pop songs about them and playing them at people. Drawing on influences from the Dubliners to Tom Waits, from Kavanagh and Behan to the Magnetic Fields and the Urban Cookie Collective he writes primary coloured folkish pop songs. His music tackles issues such as globalisation, inadequacy, the long path to maturity, internet-facilitated romance, his home town, and olympian boozing.

Big Monster Love has gained a reputation for lively and intimate performances with shows supporting such luminaries as Andy Irvine, Republic of Loose, Fight Like Apes and The Apples in Stereo.

His first full-length album, Game Over, created with the help of Brian Kelly of So Cow is released into the wild with a show at Popicália #6 on 4th February, in Shebeen Chic, George’s St. Dublin 2.

This will be followed the morning after by a rock ‘n roll trail-style walking tour of Swords, Co. Dublin, featuring Big Monster Love talking about the town’s sights and their place in his music. Not only that: he’ll also serenade the walkers at appropriate points on the tour.

Big Monster Love – ‘Game Over’ Album Launch
Friday 4th February, Shebeen Chic with Moutpiece & Brain Kelly
Saturday 5th February, The Roisin Dubh Galway with Yeh Deadlies & Paul O’Reilly
Admission is €5 

For the impatient, Game Over is available to stream right now via Bandcamp:

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