Groom – Brothers And Sisters

Have a listen to Groom‘s new EP Brothers And Sisters which will be launched on Saturday at the return of Popical Island’s Popicalia night in Dublin’s newest venue Siteation.

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Brothers And Sisters will be released on CD & cassette and is Groom‘s first new material since 2010’s Marriage.

On this sweet little offering, the lyrical themes meander through Groom’s always-familiar kitchen-sink territory; songs about family, loss, work, and domestic turmoil (in that actual order). But this time Groom are doing it in more picaresque and black-humour form than before. Lots of fun.

The band’s most collaborative release to date, each song is produced by a different band member, thus providing four distinctive flavours of Groom. The title-track and opener, Brothers and Sisters, was mixed by bassist/pianist Wil McDermott; Fishing, 1983 was recorded on cassette 4-track by drummer Ruan van Vliet. Wet Thursday had singer/guitarist Mike Stevens at the helm; and Love Death and Bandaged Heads was twiddled by guitarist/keyboardist Jeroen “Jerry” Saegeman. (Wil and Jerry also shared music-writing duties on their respective tracks.)

Released on cassette (which comes with a download code), it is also available on CD. Both formats come in a colourful, handmade package and will be launched at Popicalia on Saturday, 27th July in BYOB art space Siteation (formerly the Green Street Theatre). It will be available for purchase on the night as well as in the usual indie shops, such as Dublin’s Elastic Witch, Cork’s Plugd and Galway/Limerick/Athlone’s Wingnut Records.

Groom is a pop band from Dublin whose members are Mike, Wil, Jeroen and Ruan. They have released three albums to date: ‘All This Happened, More Or Less’ (2006, Fairview House), ‘At The Natural History Museum’ (2009, Tight Ship), and ‘Marriage’ (Popical Island, 2010). Groom have played loads of gigs all over Ireland, as well as in Belgium and the UK, and play goodtime indie pop and rock and roll, sometimes reflective and wistful, sometimes fun and reckless. With some other Irish pop bands they form the core of the Popical Island collective.

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