Tied to Machines – Tied to Machines EP

Tied To Machines release a three track, seft titled, Rocky O’Reilly-produced EP this week. 

All three of the tracks on the Tied To Machines ep are short and two the point, a riff, the thumping drumming, the voice, which moves from shouting on the verses to being more melodious on the choruses. The songs are pop length, the guitar crunchy enough, the playing, particularly the drumming, tight. Like much of the hardcore coming out of Northern Ireland right now, it’s clean, precise, well rehearsed. It’s not standing on the edge of a cliff in the mist in a kilt with your hair blowing about your head and a sword in your hand or the soundtrack-to-The-Matrix-7 epic like some of their contemporaries, it’s far more prosaic that than.

It’s not bad, but with only 3 songs it doesn’t give an entire picture, however the guerrilla attack of the EP, the short sharp shock of less than ten minutes of music, is the best way to experience Tied to Machines.

Sociopath by Tied To Machines


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