Young Hearts Run Free vs State + Smarting Under Strictures

Young Hearts Run Free send word of two events this weekend – Friday night vs at the Mercantile and Sunday night’s Smarting Under Strictures in association with Dublin Contemporary.

We are doing a free show on Friday 21st October (and another show Sunday 23rd October)- it is a small way to say thank you for all of your support – facilitated by State – and even though it is not in one of our usual spots, we will still provide lots of cake and good music.

Doors are at 9pm, and the live aspect will be provided by the wonderful Hello Moon (who have just released their record), Rory Grubb replete with expanded bandmember, and the mighty Melodica Deathship with their eerie, interesting hip-hop soundscapes.

Then YHRF will play records afterwards, as ever, a shambolic mixture of Dusty Springfield, Destroyer, DOOM and everything inbetween, even things that don’t begin with ‘D’.

State are kindly giving the night’s fee to the Simon Community, and anything else we can rustle up from the collection plates on the night.

At very short notice, Young Hearts have kindly been asked to programme a night for Dublin Contemporary on Sunday 23rd October. Along with our free show on Friday 21st, this one will be as cheap as a tipple – €5, and another way of saying thank you, with of course, proceeds going to the Simon Community.

It will run from 7pm – 11pm, will be on the theme “Smarting Under Strictures” in Dublin Contemporary’s ‘Office of Non-Compliance’, and will have a tiny, ramshackle bar in place for the evening. This one is not a BYOB event. However, there will be cake, and films, and fairy lights.

We are very lucky to be able to draw on a wonderful collection of musicians who you will be able to experience in a rather intimate setting-a 1950’s lecture hall, including; Donal Lunny and Paddy Glackin, Seeping into Cinemas, Spook of the Thirteenth Lock and more to be confirmed later in the week.

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