Skinny Wolves: Liquid Sky Weekender, 26th & 27th March

Skinny Wolves have announced details of this year’s Liquid Sky Weekender, with Tearist, Hype Williams, Twinkranes, School Tour, Boys Of Summer & more.

Last years LIQUID SKY saw us bring two nights of synth based neu wave & electronixxx to Dublin, in the form of NITE JEWEL and GENEVA JACUZZI playing along side some special local gems. This year again we have equally morphed LIQUID SKY into two nights of dark electronic and synthetic based sounds from the other side of the moons.

Saturday night sees the return of Dublins magickal motorik monsters Twinkranes, back on form with their coded psychedelia and zoned out progressive pop. Sharing the bill with them are LA’s Tearist, who have just released a record on No Ages’ PPM label. They weave goth, disco, noise and rock into a slithering snake for your earhole and as Boomkat says, we’ve got a new favourite coldwave band to pin on our wall next to Cold Cave, Zola Jesus and The Soft Moon.

On Sunday night, we will finally catch a very rare glimpse of the mysterious psych-pop rattles of the enigmatic and elusive Hype Williams. We expect them to take you forward into the past, with an obscure, lo-fi form of dub-inflected half-pop as much akin to the post-Industrial funk of 23 Skidoo and early Cabaret Voltaire as the scratchy psych of The Skaters et al. Are they the missing link between Ariel Pink and Aphex Twin, as the Guardian imagines?

On top of all that, expect amazing things from Boys of Summer, Catscars and Great Lakes Mystery, School Tour and Angkorwat.

Twinkranes specialise in coded psychedelia and zone out progressive pop music. In November 2009 the Dublin based electronic outfit released their debut long player – “Spektrumtheatresnakes” to critical acclaim. The LP melds the worlds of motor driven kraut, space rock, psychedelia, drone and avant pop.

Tearist are an amazing two-piece band from Los Angeles, CA. They are comprised of William and Yasmine, two kids looking to weave goth, disco, noise and rock into a slithering snake for your earhole.

Boys of Summer is a Dublin based synthesizer trio made up of Paul G. Smyth (The Jimmy Cake), Ivan Pawle (Sea Dog) and Andrew Fogarty (Toymonger, Reptile Brain) on the Munitions Family label. The group uses analogue synthesizers and tape delays to create a contemporary electronic sound, which draws from early German Electronic Experimentalists such as Tangerine Dream and Cluster; Minimalist artists like Terry Riley and Brian Eno; 70s American Synth artists (Michael Garrison and Mort Garson, etc). Originally formed in 2004 by Pawle and Fogarty, the duo performed sporadically for a number of years, focusing mostly on their participation other projects – Sea Dog, Toymonger, United Bible Studies and various other projects. In 2008 the relaunched Boys of Summer were joined by Paul G Smyth (The Jimmy Cake) and have continued to perform with international artists such as Cluster, Xeno & Oaklander, Led Er Est, Rangda, Stellar Om Source, Grouper, John Wiese, Pocahaunted, Sun Araw, Lucky Dragons and Gnod; as well as local acts Sunken Foal, Cian Nugent, Children Under Hoof and Slomatics and many others, in galleries, bars, sheds and kitchens around Ireland. To date the group has released three albums on the Dublin-based Munitions Family label; ‘V’ (2008), ‘Pharaoh’ (2009) and ‘Future Ancients’ (2010).

AKA Robyn Bromfield has just released her debut album Construction on White Plague records. A collection of experimental electronic, gothic pop, reflecting mixed and often conflicting traits, sensitive and ambient yet defiant and aggressive.

In between writing scores for film and guesting on live drums and percussion for artists such as Jape, Valerie Francis, Primordial and So Cow, Gareth Averill began to set focus on what would become Great Lakes Mystery. Great Lakes Mystery represents an obsession with vintage analogue equipment and a quest for a pure accessible sound. Having played low key shows supporting the Redneck Manifesto and Jape, the live GLM show is constantly evolving and has recently led to an expanded line-up. The turn of 2011 saw a New Years eve launch of sorts with a low key dispersal of tracks online. In the first half of the year, GLM is hoping to release a pair of EPs followed by an LP in the Autumn. Influences include Arthur Russell, Prince, Caribou, Broadcast and John Carpenter.

Hype Williams is an elusive project conceived by two “illegal immigrants” who for now we will know as D. Blunt and Inga Copeland. The duo are touring on the back of one this years most highly anticipated albums “Find Out What Happens When People Stop Being Polite, And Start Gettin’ Reel”. The Hype starts here… a totally unique, alien, addictive sound that ransacks the musical filing cabinet: disjointed psych-pop rattles around the channels, smooth-edge soul is refracted into disorientating dream tracks, murked instrumentals stumble through your psyche, disembodied samples of cult rapper Drake float around and into other, less familiar voices … recorded exclusively in “magic hours” this is music that requires you to lift its shroud and climb inside. The spectrum of approving listeners to date is full – BBC Radio 1’s Benji B has premiered tracks, and The Wire has already devoted a page to trying to unpick the myth via a glowing review of their debut album. With a catalogue of weird tall tales already tethered to their (borrowed) name – including an “18 year relay project”, plus alternative names including Hounds of Hate, Paradise Sisters and Bo Khat Eternal Troof Family Band – the band exists as part of a bigger picture completed by a 360° range of art activities (“all about abuse, be it drugs, culture or equipment’, according to D. Blunt). To date, the band’s infrequent performances have blurred the lines between music shows, media installations and art happenings, and have included Frieze Art Fair, Upset The Rhythm’s Yes Way Festival, and “Gyptian Lover” at SPACE.

School Tour makes stratospheric drone and pulse music, layering clouds of sepulchral reverb over trance-inducing Ominchord oscillations, decaying super-8 memories and loops of ghosts and whispering chainsaws. He is also a member of Children Under Hoof and Patrick Kelleher’s live band.



Liquid Sky Weekender 2011
Skinny Wolves + B Music Present:
TWINKRANES (Ire, Finders Keepers/ Twisted Nerve) /
TEARIST (Usa, PPM Records)
with Skinny Wolves & B Music DJs
The Grand Social (upstairs)
7:30PM til 2:30AM, Saturday 26th March (1st act at 8pm sharp)

Skinny Wolves Presents:
HYPE WILLIAMS (De Stijl Records)
Upstairs @ Whelans
8:00PM, Sunday March 27th

Tickets for both nights are available now from WAV &

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