The Jimmy Cake

Return Of The Cake

The Jimmy Cake
The Jimmy Cake make their return to live performance with a gig in Crawdaddy on August 23rd.

The Jimmy Cake are set to make their long-awaited return to live performance in Crawdaddy on August 23rd. The gig will be a warm up for their appearance at the Electric Picnic so expect to hear some new material from their upcoming LP due later in the year…

  The Jimmy Cake

In the last seven years, The Jimmy Cake have become one of the most captivating acts ever to emerge from Ireland. With a line up that is nine strong and a unique combination of instruments The Jimmy Cake are a rarity by their very existence, but it is their ability to straddle delicate melody and ferocious power that has won them a dedicated and passionate following.

No doubt said following will be pleased to hear that, after a hiatus of Rip Van Winkle proportions, wherein the Cake were busy wrangling with their personal demons, their various wedding invitations, certain guitar, sax and banjo sized holes in their number and the lengthy recording, re-recording and further recording of the new album, the Jimmy Cake are finally back, playing in Dublin once more, to limber up before the sure-to-be-utterly-triumphant appearance at the Electric Picnic and the inevitable media scrum that will be the Brand New Album Release later in the year.

So don’t pass up this opportunity to hear the Jimmy Cake play the new record and try to throw shapes like it was 2003 all over again, all in salubrious surrounds of Crawdaddy. Also playing on the night are Engine Room Orchestra.

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