Red Line Roots Festival 2009

Red Line Roots Festival 2009

Red Line Roots Festival 2009If you’re into old school rock & roll, blues, bluegrass, folk, country or klezmer then then this year’s Red Line Roots Festival should interest you.

If you’re into old school rock & roll, blues, bluegrass, folk, country & klezmer then then this year’s Red Line Roots Festival should interest you. All takes place in The Cobblestone, Dice Bar & Sin É from October 22nd – 25th.

The Red Line Roots Festival all started last year on a wild and blistery October Bank Holiday weekend in 2008. We began by linking three pubs surrounding Smithfield that were built by a passion for music, The Cobblestone, Dice Bar and Sin É. These pubs didn’t play any old chart or pop, no sir ee, we kept it raw and rootsy. We are back this year to cause even more raucus in the three pubs and we are now introducing you to another onslaught of gigs and events from Thurs 22nd – Sun 25th of October that will draw you in for a whirlwind weekend and leave you feeling like lost tumbleweed come Monday morning.

In Sin É we have daytime events, old school cinema, beer tasting, comedy, spoken word and theatre to lead you into music filled nights of blues, country, rock and balkan beats. Down the road in Dice we are going a bit more hell and brimstone with D – 66, a genuine one-man punk-blues-explosion-maniac, Here Comes The Landed Gentry, a big bad hairy old school rock n’ roll band and loads more acts to add more wildness to the air. The Cobblestone will be filled with stringed instruments from the trad sessions going all night in the front bar to the back room venue hosting stunning old-time, folk and bluegrass.

Lineup details:

The Cobblestone
Thurs 22nd Oct- Doors 9pm – €10

Original and enthralling lyrics over timeless melodies. Five-piece outfit comprising vocals, guitar, fiddle, banjo and double bass. Holden siblings Dave (guitar) and Louise (vocals) have been writing together for two decades. The Sound is a blend of alt-country, folk, roots, old-time & Americana. Support on the night is from Cristof Van Der Van, a one man rockn and rollin folk machine.
Fri 23rd Oct- Doors 9pm – €12

Explosive 6-piece bluegrass outfit. This explosive 6-piece London and Edinburgh based folk and bluegrass outfit is making a special appearance with us for a special one and only Irish gig this year. . Strong harmonies sail over an expertly played line up of double bass, guitars, mandolin, banjo and fiddle. Belfast man Pat McGarvey has inspired something magic with his original writing from an age where folk was born. Lisa O’Neill hot on the heels of her debut album release. She has a truly unique talent in crafting quirky, gripping & honest lyrics.
Sat 24th Oct- Doors 9pm – €7

A ragged take on modern folk. After trials and tribulations in other bands that took them touring around the globe they began to write together and the songs came pouring out. Their sound has been described as “ragged Simon and Garfunkel” , “cosmic Everly Brothers” and “Velvet and Garfunkel”. This gig is following an Olympia gig where they are supporting Richard Hawley. . Enda, a Dublin based musician plays the guitar, fiddle, mandolin and whatever his hands can tackle to produce a unique mix of alternative folk with trad and blues influences.
Sun 25th Oct- Doors 9pm – €5

Balkan beats to reggae & soul infused rhythms. Basque country born, Erik Noon and The Future Gypsies play a fresh new sound inspired from a mix of alternative, traditional, raggae, country and soul music. Balkan Alien Sound from Derry have a fresh take on the Klezmer, Bulgarian, Romanian and Turkish traditional music. With fast and furious melodies they create rhythms that demand to be danced to.
The Dice Bar – Free Gigs
Fri 23rd Oct- Dice bar – 7.30 – 10 – free
D -66

A one-man Psychobilly train wreck to bluesville. D-66 is a genuine one-man punk-blues-explosion-maniac. This man hails from a place he names Trashville, a place that breeds dark and dirty souls. This soul is embedded in the music of this one-man punk-blues-explosion-maniac. Murder Plan is a Dublin-based vagabond blues band with a drunken sound.
Sat 24th Oct- Dice bar – 7.30 – 10 – free

A band fueled by heartache & shoot outs

Country / Rock n’ Roll. The White Liars were born on a ranch in Kilkenny to a parent fueled by heartache, shooting empty beer bottles, dusty cowboy boots and making love to the rolling stones. The Tycoons are a raucous crowd of country rock mad men and a lovely lady who have traveled many a land wheeling and dealing their musical wears. We’ve tied them down and stripped them back for raw acoustic set. . Serious Sam is flying in from the mountains (of Leeds) with a 12 string guitar, an over night bag and a fire in his old school belly.
Sun 25th Oct- Dice bar – 7.30 – 10 – free

A hairy old school rock n’ roll band. We’re going hell for leather and not at all a bit refined with this pack of bearded ungentlemen. Their live shows are legendary and they are currently reeking havoc throughout the north and beyond. They fuse together old school blues, punk, rockabilly and classic rock like no other. Cousin Elias rumble and roll like an old murder ballad from a folk legend behind bars.
Sin É – Free events
Thurs 22nd Oct- Sin É – 10 -12 – free

Electric blues band jam session with special guests
Fri 23rd Oct- Sin É – 7 – 10 – free

A bar room brawl of a night – country, rock, bluegrass, ska(ish). The Peakin Trippers sound has ska and pop rhythms with a country rock backbone. They have style, but alas, that is going to be thrown out the window and they are going to rock it. www.myspace.ccom/peakingtrippers. The Cujo Family is a five-piece outfit delivering a blend of countrified soul with a set of songs capable of nursing a broken heart or sending your feet into spasms of joy. These lads do let know how to let ripp in life and on stage, their lyrics are original and tell life how it is with songs about being on the dole and lyrics like ‘let’s go shoplifting it tesco’. A new addition to the Irish folk/roots scene, the CPRC feature a lively mix of country, old time & rock tunes on washboard, guitar, bodhrán, bass, mandolin, fiddle and dobro.
Sat 24th Oct- Sin É – 4 – 5 – free

The story of one Northsider wise boy’s incredible run of bad luck. Whacker just wants to make a few quid for himself, but when a dodgy deal goes tits up he soon finds himself in debt to Jimmy Mo Mo, one of the biggest nutbags around. When turning to the like of Scags Murphy and Ed the Horse Mooney proves unfruitful, Whackers situation goes from bad to worse. Will he manage to get the money or will he pay the ultimate consequence? This comedic theatre piece has received rave reviews and has traveled the circuit of Fringe festivals in Europe. Strong language will be used.
Sat 24th Oct- Sin É – 6 – 9 – free
D – 66

From down and dirty blues to foot stompin Balkan beats. Balkan Alien Sound from Derry have a fresh take on the klezmer, bulgarian, romanian and turkish music. With fast and furious melodies they create rhythms that demand to be danced to. D-66 is a genuine one-man punk-blues-explosion-maniac. The Reverend is a very unchristian bad boy who likes to rock. He has a rough old country and rock n’ roll sound and sings songs about murder and whiskey.
Sun 25th Oct- Sin É – 3 – 5 – free

Premier spoken word showcase. Poetry/ Hip Hop / Theatre. Ra is Dublin’s premier monthly spoken word showcase, featuring the best in performing spoken word — poetry, hip hop, monologue, storytelling, diatribes, rants and more from Dublin and beyond. Hosted by Raven alongside a fine collection poets, rappers and toasters with guest musicians and a featured theatre piece.
Sun 25th Oct- Sin É – 6 – 9 – free

Carter classics to folk infused rhythmic rock, Caruso, the brainchild of Shane Ó Fearghail, is a band that gives an attractive stab at contemporary folk, their songs are decorated with spine-tingling harmonies and infectious simple rhythms. Little Ass Birds will have you whooping, hollering and maybe even howling with their sweet harmonies and energetic old-time sound.

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