Post-Christmas 2012 Gig Roundup

So we asked Dara Higgins to do a roundup of post-Christmas / New Year’s Eve gigs…
Ah, hindsight.

When you’ve reached the point where you’re beginning to fantasise about killing your own kith and kin, and you asked “uncle” dave just who the fuck he’s actually related to, it may be time to start thinking about going outside the hosue again, and reconnecting with people you would actually choose to spend time with. What better way to do so than to attend one of the many “music” “gigs” that will be happening, country wide, perpetrated by those smart people who booked themselves out of the homestead months ago (“I’d love to go and sit by Gran’s graveside for the night, but I have a gig”). Get the fuck away from the Quality Street, friend, and back to the, ahem, mosh pit.

Stephen’s day brings with it an extra special present, like a pair of socks you didn’t realise you’d received found among the decimated wrappers: Daft as Punk, the world’s premier Daft Punk tribute act, get all French in The Workman’s Club. That’ll be okay, cos you’ll still be kinda drunk.

On the 27th, Aslan are literally rocking Vicar Street. Yeah, yeah. Laugh away, but come back to me when you’ve been in a band for 30 years, moaning about how Bono stole all your best tunes. Oh, you have, sorry, I didn’t recognise you, (insert scenester here). How can I protect you in this crazy world? I can’t, I don’t care about you.

You might, however, feel like dancing those newly acquired pounds off, or popping one of those yokes your brother found in an old jacket which he just pretended he got for you so that you could both, like, relive the old days, like, dude. Kormac’s Big Band is the show for you, down in the Button Factory, also on the 28th. It’s a Bodytonic jam, so expect lots of people who really are too old to be wearing those trainers.

Also on the 28th in The Twisted Pepper, there’s Rustie, who’ll put down the Scalectrix long enough to pin your ears to the back of your head. This is one is for younger people, the kind who wear Christmas jumpers all year round. They’re just that mad!

Trevor Nelson will be doing something awful in The Wright Venue. So avoid that at all costs.

Still on the 28th, A Lazarus Soul will be playing the Mercantile for a measly fiver! They’re better than that! Give them a tenner, go on. Or go to Trevor Nelson. Your call, stupid.

On the 29th In Tua Nua are playing in The Summit Inn, Howth. Presumably it’s still 1988 up there. Oh Howth, will you ever grow up?

Gig of the week is upstairs in Whelan’s on the 30th – :Hounds: will be launching their debut album, with help from The Bridges Of Madison County, who sing heartfelt lyrics of regret and loss that you can’t hear over the screaming. Only tools won’t be at this one.

New Year’s Eve, or NYE as it’s officially know by marketing whores, is best avoided. Time to go home, make apologies, and throw up on Uncle Dave one last time.

Happy Christmas, PRICKS!

UPDATE:  He left out the Skelocrats LP launch / Popical Island‘s Sick of Christmas gig with Rhino Magic & Rural Savage in Whelan’s Parlour Bar on the 29th.

For those of you crazy / young enough to actually consider heading out for NYE New Year’s Eve, The Cast Of Cheers have sold out The Workman’s Club, The Rubberbandits are on in The Village, Nightflight have NYEFlight 2012 lined up with New Jackson, Ships, I Am The Cosmos & more at The Grand Social, and Republic Of Loose & Tieranniesaur are at Whelan’s.

If you’re in Galway you could do a lot worse than Le Galaxie, Elaine Mai, Kid Karate, Enemies and Daithi at The Roisin Dubh.

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