¡Popicália! 3

¡Popicália! 3 – Land Lovers, Walpurgis Family, Jonny Fun & Tom Wolf

¡Popicália! 3Popical Island’s ¡Popicália! night returns to Shebeen Chic this Thursday, 4th November.

Popical Island’s ¡Popicália! night returns to Shebeen Chic this Thursday, 4th November, with Land Lovers, Walpurgis Family, Jonny Fun & The …Hesitations & Tom Wolf.

The last installment of ¡Popicália! whipped punters into a frenzy of dancing and, indeed, crowd-surfing as Grand Pocket Orchestra, Squarehead and Hipster Youth slayed the assemblage utterly. So you’ll understand our excitement and optimism as we bring you more of our favourite acts for the third month running.

Jonny Fun and the… Hesitations are purveyors of lovelorn indie whimsy, complete with hints of Motown, a strong current of classic English pop balladry and a nod to the complexities of spelling as Gaeilge. Our favourite Wearsider says “Hold me close” to his fellow-travelling… Hestitations, “don’t let me go, woah-oh”. Gently seize the album, Carpe P.M. on the night: it’s quite lovely.

I know what you think about the Belgians: will they ever form a coherent government? We honestly don’t know, the ongoing stand-off is frankly infuriating. Here to distract you from all that with his luminous songwriting is Jeroen Saegemann, leader of Walpurgis Family. We decided to put their song, The Island of Benjamin, in the anchor position on Popical Island #1 for a good reason: it’s gorgeous and wistful and makes you want to sing along and kind of sounds like the end of the summer. Thing is: it’s just one of many gems on Midsummer Party, their recent album.

Rounding off the evening will be Land Lovers, those masters of melodic riffs and watertight couplets. Championing desperate romantics the world over, lost indie souls and fellas called Paddy and Paul, Padraig Cooney and his henchmen remind us of XTC (not the drug), of Elvis (not Presley), and of Television (not the appliance). Having said that, this is pure Irish pop. No scratch that: it’s pure north Dublin pop. In the very best way. With an album, “Romance, Romance!” and an EP “Immovable Feet” already under their belts, Land Lovers are recording their third right now. We’ve heard bits and well, it blew our little heads off.

Tom Wolf is another Belgian. When he’s not running a B&B in his home town of Ghent, Tom is making the finest in lush, dark indie. Tom will get things underway on the night with a solo acoustic performance

Things will kick off at 8:30 PM, in the basement venue. €5 should see you inside safely. As ever, Popical Island DJs will keep the party lit ’til hell freezes over (12:30AM).

Popical Island Presents:
¡Popicália! #3
Land Lovers
Walpurgis Family
Jonny Fun & The …Hesitations
Tom Wolf
Shebeen Chic, Thursday 4th November
€5, 8:30pm

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