Airbound Weekender – London, April 6th – 8th

Bodytonic & Nightflight’s Airbound weekender is back in London for the easter weekend. The Good Friday boat party is already sold out…


This Easter, April 6th – 8th, the Airbound crew return to London to throw another mammoth weekend long party. Already into its third year, the Airbound weekender will have a bigger capacity and a bolder line-up, starring, DMX Krew, Neville Watson, Krystal Klear and Daniel Wang, along with a showcase of some of Ireland’s finest upcoming producers and DJs.

Brought to you by two of Dublin’s premier electronic music promoters, Bodytonic and Nightflight, Airbound, started out as a three-day festival in a sleepy fishing village in Croatia back in 2009. Since then the crew have built up a very successful annual event in London, which has sold out in advance for the last two years. This year will see them host their largest event to date there, and has been scaled up to accommodate a larger audience. It will be spread over three days and across a number of London venues.

Airbound crew member and Bernard Shaw boss John Mahon explains the success of the London event, “The success of the weekender has been largely down to the huge Irish ex-pat community that now live in London. The idea for the first event came about from the fact that so many of our friends had left Dublin because of the recession. At both Bodytonic and Nightflight parties we were looking at gaping holes on our dancefloors, a stark reminder of just how many of them had to leave town to find work. The majority of them seemed to have settled in London so with that in mind and because we wanted to keep the Airbound name alive after the success of the 2009 festival in Croatia, the idea of bringing the party to them in London came about almost inevitably. The event seemed to touch a chord with a lot of people and both 2010 and 2011 sold out in advance with a lot of people travelling from Dublin and elsewhere, to catch up with their pals.”

“This year it all kicks off with a boat party on the river Thames on April 6th – Good Friday – in defiance of the 24 hour prohibition back home which will see every pub, club and hostelry in the country closed down and people stocking up with enough booze to survive Doomsday. The Airbound faithful will be able to enjoy an unbridled day and night out on the town, without worrying about this quaint old religious law”.

After the boat party, the festivities will move to Corsica Studios – home of the cult weekly Ustream broadcast, The Boiler Room – until the early morning, and for those with wind still in their sails, there will be an early morning session with more post-boat shenanigans taking place in a secret location. Finally, rounding off the weekend, the Airbound crew will host their very own ‘Resurrection’ on Easter Sunday for those who have recovered in time. It will be a much more mellow affair with soothing sounds and good wholesome food available to help gather mind, body and soul back together.

Check for ticket info.

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