A Night In Memory Of Derrick Dalton

A Night In Memory Of Derrick Dalton

A Night In Memory Of Derrick DaltonOn September 29th Thread Pulls, Dinah Brand, Richer Than Astronauts, and Little Beauties play a tribute night for Derrick Dalton.

On September 29th Thread PullsDinah BrandRicher Than Astronauts, and Little Beauties play live in Whelans at a tribute night for Derrick Dalton. The night marks the second anniversary of Derrick’s death, and the posthumous release of two records, an LP by his solo project Aeromodeller and a 7” single by his band Crumb.

Derrick played in Hey Paulette and Mexican Pets before forming Crumb, who released the LP Evenings and Weekends in 2005. The new Crumb 7” Like Goodbye features two great pop songs (on red vinyl) that were completed by Dez Foley and Fiachra McCarthy from the band after Derrick’s death. The Aeromodeller LP First Flight is an album of jangly guitar instrumentals that was recorded almost single-handedly by Derrick in his own recording studio in 2008. Copies of both records are included in the ticket price of €12 for everyone who comes along on the 29th. Both are split releases on YesBoyIceCream records and Disques Fridge.

The night is being put together by Derrick’s wife Laura and all proceeds go to Aware. She feels that the night will be a fitting reminder of Derrick’s talent and is especially proud of his solo LP First Flight, which carries a dedication to the couple’s daughter: “I want to be able to show this to Julie when she’s older and say ‘Your da did this’”. Laura is keen to sell as many tickets as possible to raise money for Aware, and added “buy tickets even if you can’t make it along on the night, invite as many people as you know”.

Thread Pulls will be just back from shows in Germany and the Netherlands, and both they and Dinah Brand have albums due out in the next couple of months. Aside from the bands, there’ll be DJs until 2am and a stall selling some of Derrick’s other releases and screenprints of the Aeromodeller LP cover by Niall McCormack. Tickets are available now from Whelans WAV box office and tickets.ie.

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