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Ticket Giveaway – High Places, Whelans

High PlacesBrooklyn’s High Places head Upstairs @ Whelans on Wednesday night. Free tickets, anyone?

Brooklyn’s High Places head Upstairs @ Whelans on Wednesday night. Porn On Vinyl & Catscars are also playing. Free tickets, anyone?


& special guests Porn On Vinyl & Catscars
Upstairs @ Whelan’s, Wednesday May 05, 8pm
Tickets: WAV [lo-call 1890 200 078], Tickets.ie, City Discs, Road Records & Ticketmaster outlets nationwide

Specialising in simple productions and infectious rhythms, like Arthur Russell playing Althea & Donna or Beat Happening playing African music, Brooklyn’s primitivist pop duo High Places play Upstairs @ Whelan’s, May 5th.

Mary Pearson and Rob Barber met while Mary was completing a music degree in bassoon performance and Rob was working in visual art, teaching lithography and etching at an art school. Both were performing as solo musicians at the time. Mary relocated to New York from Michigan in spring 2006, and the two soon began collaborating under the name High Places. They released some singles and contributed songs to various compilations. These early and varied works were collected and released in July 2008 as 03/07-09/07 in advance of tours with Deerhunter and No Age. Since its inception, High Places has created a signature sound out of using bass-heavy, yet crisp beats, lilting vocal melodies, syncopated rhythmic lines performed on folk percussion instruments, guitar duets turned into treated samples, and percussive lines created from the manipulation of household objects.

High Places gravitates toward the organic over the electronic, and that natural aesthetic adds warmth and intimacy to the recordings.
High Places’ self-titled debut was recorded by Rob and Mary in their apartment in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene neighborhood between January and May 2008.
In early 2009 High Places relocated from Brooklyn to Los Angeles. As evidenced in their new single “I Was Born,” the physical move coincides with significant sonic changes for the duo. New album High Places Vs Mankind is out now on Thrill Jockey.

is the work of Aidan Wall, a bedroom-oriented recording artist whose canon of work encompasses harmony-driven folk music and distantly-audible jangly Daniel Johnston-esque songs. His 2008 album I Spent The Night Thinking, With Short Periods Of Sleep Interrupted By Visions was available via free download. He is currently completing his next album and remains one of Ireland’s undiscovered songwriting gems.

is the work of Dublin-based Robyn Bromfield who has been making creepy electronic pop music under the radar for the past while and performing largely at events coordinated with her compadres in the Box Social collective.
“This is the sort of music not conceived in the recording studio but in the laboratory of some evil, demented scientist. Inspired by John Carpenter, Vangelis and a healthy dose of 80’s New Wave, Robyn Bromfield – alias Catscars – has spent the past year nurturing a sound full of cinematic tension and with a dark, sinister soul at its core. And with a live show that includes footage from classic sci-fi and horror movies providing the narrative in place of lyrics, the Catscars experience will leave you looking over your shoulder with uneasiness.” – Patrick Conboy, State Magazine

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