YGYO2: music from VAZ, Amps for Christ, Brant Bjork, Silver Apples (1 Viewer)

Oct 11, 2009
The second in the series of compilations curated by CP label owner, where a variety of artists are given a song title and instructed to write a song around it.

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1. Nathan Larson (Shudder To Think) - Insane Asylum White

2. Vaz (Hammerhead) - Burn Down Baltimore

3. Brett Rosenberg - Retire to Stud

4. Phil Puleo (Cop Shoot Cop, Swans) - Albino Rainbow

5. Paradise Island (Erase Errata) - Waltzing Wildly

6. Sonny Vincent (Testors) - Totally Fucked

7. Steve Mackay (Stooges) - You Could Smell the Nightmares on the Pillow

8. Immortal Lee County Killers - Dropping Motherfuckers Like A-Bombs

9. Jesse Everett Hughes (Eagles of Death Metal) - Loyal Smoking Gun

10. Elliott Sharp - Barbed Wire Hotel

11. Jim Coleman (Cop Shoot Cop) - Syringe of Lugosi

12. Stephen Brodsky (Cave In) - The Voice Electric

13. Blues Goblin (Quasi) - Cesspool Dreams

14. Brant Bjork (Kyuss, Fu Manchu) - Cop Mustache

15. Simeon Coxe / Silver Apples - Empire of Ashes

16. Black Lipstick - Throw Some Money at It

17. Brent Eyestone (Waifle) - Buscemi Waits

18. John Easedale (Dramarama) - Listening to a Cassette Tape at the End of the World

19. The Scheme - Teenage Millionaire

20. Amps For Christ (Man is the Bastard) - Molotov Cocktail Hour

21. R. Hoak (Brutal Truth) - Song for the Upcoming Mushroom Cloud

22. Nikki Sudden - Isle of Wight Blues

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