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That phrase was on my mind. I've used it. It quite often is a systemic problem, rather than a guy who's just so stupid and clumsy that they're unusable. Not that that's never happened, but.

Sometimes I'll say it's a problem with the company culture.
That depends on the context really.

If I was at work and some new guy drops and breaks something, then it's nobody's fault is useful because otherwise he'd be jittery and nervous and might end up breaking more stuff. Reassuring him is better for getting the job done.

Plus, maybe it was his fault, but it doesn't matter, or maybe it was my fault for misjudging his abilities. Or maybe it was the designers fault for designing a crap thing. Or maybe it was the builders fault for building a thing in a crappy way. Or maybe it was the guys on the truck who loaded it badly. Or maybe or maybe or maybe.

It's simply not worth dissecting the incident at that moment.

serendipitous this, I just had this sort of situation today in the gaff, where I was in fact the stupid new guy. The skipper wanted me to put the hose into the diesel tank, then he'll siphon the hose, get the diesel into the boat and then we can get the heating back on. We ran out of diesel this morning.

a) I've never poked around the tank before. Didn't know what I was doing but it seemed simple. He's done it loads of times, and he's smarter than me, so he left out information that to him seemed obvious.
b) He meant put the hose into what I would've called the bowser, which is newly full of diesel and on land. He can just about get up the stairs to get to the tank, but he'd struggle to get around to the bowser.
c) I was cautious because diesel, boats, working at height etc.

Obviously in retrospect that seems really obvious and I'm a moron. But he was like "no, I didn't communicate properly".

Oh, well....it all worked out. We took on 200L more than we wanted to (another cock up on my part), but it doesn't actually matter. It's no one's fault. Silly, but it got done.
But now I know and next time will be as slick as diesel itself.
It'll be better next time.
But seriously, what does "timeboxed" mean? is it "let's do it at a later date"?
a new one that's been creeping in, mainly from the indian teams - upgradation.
it makes a little bit of sense that if you install an installation, you upgrade an upgradation.

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