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Nov 7, 2001
Post the last 12 albums you've listened to on iTunes/whatever, and what you're listening to right now. Why 12? I dunno, that's as much as I could see when I opened iTunes.

Future Islands - Wave Like Home
Grand Pocket Orchestra - The Ice Cream
Herman Dune - Not On Top
Joanna Newsom - Have One On Me
King Creosote - Kenny and Beth's Musakal Boat Rides
Nodzzz - Nodzzz
Pants Yell! - Alison Statton
Sufjan Stevens - The Age of Adz
The Beatles - Help! [2009 Mono Remaster]
The Go-Betweens - Liberty Belle And The Black Diamond Express
The Wave Pictures - Instant Coffee Baby
Van Morrison - Into The Music

And right now: The Go-Betweens - 16 Lovers Lane


with a small n
Aug 27, 2002
inside a ham
i'm keeping schtum cos i know no-one wants to hear any more babble from me about swans, which is all i've been listening to for two weeks now, apart from
jay munly - jimmy carter syndrome, and
j.d. mcpherson - signs and signifiers


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Oct 11, 2002
The past week or so:

Boys of Summer - Pharoah, Future Ancients
The Misfits - Everything
Bongripper - Hate Ashbury
Sunn 0))) - Black One
Emeralds - Everything
The Saturdays - Ego, Higher (singles)
Throbbing Gristle - TG 24
Alvin & The Chipmunks - November Rain (GnR Cover)


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Jun 26, 2007
Yer Ma
Bit of a sludge/stoner week for me so far with the usual quanity of techno as well:
Sloath - Sloath
Electric Wizard - Dopethrone
Mugstar - Sun,Broken
Surgeon – Live at The Forum, Sydney (23.10.2010)
Ancient Methods - Fifth Method
Traversable Wormhole – The Remixes Part 1
Emeralds - Solar Bridge


Oct 23, 2008
Vashti Bunyan - Just Another Diamond Day (she's playing tonight, gonna be amazing)
Vashti Bunyan - Lookaftering
Vashti Bunyan and Animal Collective - Prospect Hummer EP
Smog - Dongs of Sevotion
Ohio Players - Angel
Lemonheads - It's a Shame about Ray
KORT (Kurt Wagner and Cortney Tidwell) - Invariable Heartache
Woven Hand - Blush Music
Tyrannosaurus Rex - Prophets, Seers & Sages
Songs Ohia - Magnolia Electric Co.
Moldy Peaches - Unreleased Cutz and Live Jamz 1994 - 2002
The United States of America - The United States of America


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Apr 18, 2006
Post of the week winner: 22nd March, 2013
this week has been a bit odd for me for some reason (a bit nostalgic a bit)

Substance - New Order (disc 1)
The Queen is Dead/The Smiths - The Smiths
Bona Drag - Morrissey
Sufjan - Age of Adz
Belle and Sebastian - Write about love
Stoat - Future Come and Get me
Warpaint - The Fool (listening to this lots)
Talking Heads - Sand in the Vaseline (disc 1)
William E Whitmore - Hallways of Always
Pulp - Different Class
Jarvis - Jarvis
Bill Callahan - can't remember the name of it (not the new one though)

Nate Champion

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Mar 3, 2006
I was listening to a ball of Shudder to Think on my ipod shuffle before I lost it drunk in the rain on Sunday - moments away from my house.

Other than that:
Enemies' We've been Talking
Some Scritti Politi
New Avey Tare, Down There which does not sound too good on first listen.
Bits of Starving Weirdos and Emeralds.

and extra mention to Lokai's mesmerising Transistion, which is Stefan Nemeth from Radian and Florian Kmet, which came out last year on Thrill Jockey.

Red Red Wine

Oct 14, 2002
Way beyond the Rubicon
AAAAAAnyway, just had a look there, i've mainly been playing the first 3 here but the last twelve albums were.....

Dr. Buzzards Original Savannah Band - Self Titled
Bonnie Hayes & the Wild Combo - Good Clean Fun
Bonnie Hayes & the Wild Combo - Brave New Girl
Waitresses - Bruiseology
Throwing Muses - self titled (er, the 2003 one)
Sparks - Woofer in Tweeters Clothing
Cardiacs - A Little Man and a House and the Whole World Window
Janelle Monae - Archandroid
Kool & the Gang - Live at the Sex Machine
Love is All - Two Thousand and Ten Injuries
Wendy & Lisa - Fruit at the Bottom
Cab Calloway - Are You Hep to the Jive?

and then I just listened to Bonnie Hayes - Empty Sky, which wasn't great to be honest


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Sep 8, 2003
A white house with a folly
yeah, i thought we were expected to start 12 new threads instead of posting these kinda posts.

this morning i listened to Today with Pat Kenny on the radio

as best i recall, the last albums were (in reverse order):
Dead C - Future Artists
Dead C - Patience
Henry Cow - Vols 1 - 3 of The Road boxset
AMM - The Inexhaustible Document
Richard Youngs - Garden Of Stones
Crowded House - Intriguer
Peter Hammill - In Camera
Ground Zero - Revolutionary Pekinese Opera
Pumice - Quo
Todd Rundgren - Healing

these were mostly cds though, i hope thats ok

im going to start keeping a comprehensive list of albums that i listen to

ann post

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Oct 13, 2002
Internment Explorer sp3
Post the last 12 albums you've listened to on iTunes/whatever, and what you're listening to right now. Why 12? I dunno, that's as much as I could see when I opened iTunes.
yeah, i thought we were expected to start 12 new threads instead of posting these kinda posts.
yeah i agree with shaney here, i dont see a point in listing 12 albums one user after another, at least without saying something about them. it just turns into an endless text list of words that might or might not be music - but in any case will not be worth wading through - unless people actually say a little about each thing they listened to... I don't really use itunes/media players at present, so i just try and recall the past few days.

ewa gigon - moonshine flowers: been dipping in and out of this for two weeks. i like it, there's a few lovely melodies, and its got a slightly scary atmosphere.
cee lo green - the lady killer: well, i went about 4 songs in yesterday, i love love love the new single (bright lights bigger city).
the Ray foley show: i listen to this almost every day. its a middle of the road commercial radio show, peppered with ads like any radio station, but i like A: the sense of humour and B: the concept of listening without choice. sometimes its got serious LOLS.
Mozaik - changing trains: Its growing like wildfire this one, only got my hands on it last week. the first song is the 'single' - when the blend of americana, trad and balkan styles comes together after a few tunes its great.
the far side november 2nd: a mix of two hours of irish music from jim carroll which will be streaming for the next few days here - the strream will dissapear, but here's what the playlist was:
Shit Robot “Tuff Enuff” (DFA)
Not Squares “Asylum” (Richter Collective)
R.S.A.G. “Be It Right Or Wrong” (Rare Production)
Two Door Cinema Club “Undercover Martyn” (Kitsune)
Funeral Suits “Florida” (Self release)
Squarehead “Fake Blood” (Any Other City)
Cap Pas Cap “Y Lies” (Skinny Wolves)
Kid Karate “Black & Beige” (Kid Karate Records)
Humanzi “Hammer” (First Born Is Dead)
Baby Beef “Thunderstruck” (Self release)
Meljoann “Exit” (Boy Scout Audio)
The Casanova Wave “The Casanova Wave” (Self release)
The Redneck Manifesto “Rubber Up” (Richter Collective)
Republic of Loose “The Lamp” (Fish Don’t Fear Nets)
Villagers “Home” (Domino)
Cathy Davey “Army Of Tears” (Hammer Toe)
Strands “Framed” (Casino Gravity)
Solar Bears “She Was Coloured In” (Planet Mu)
Ann Scott “Universe” (Raghouse)
Jennifer Evans “Way to Go” (Scuffle)
James Vincent McMorrow “Follow You Down To the Red Oak Tree” (Burning Rope)
Halves “Blood Branches” (Hate Is the Enemy)
Melodica Deathship “Wreck O’ Th Elizabeth Dane” (Self release)
Niamh de Barra “His Own Drum” (Second Square To None)
Mrs Healy’s First Class Choir “Elizabeth” (Self release)
Jimmy Behan “Pools” (Audiobulb)
Gerry O’Beirne & Rosie Shipley “The Lonesome Road” (Shipwhistle)
strands/steve shannon: i've given it a few spins. its ok it seems a bit like really posh shopping music to me.

thats all i can remember. any chance anyone else might describe what they are listening to??


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Sep 8, 2003
A white house with a folly
maybe we should post in-depth reviews of the last 12 albums we've listened to.

Today with Pat Kenny.
Pat Kenny's morning radio show on RTE radio 1. I often find I can't listen to music in the mornings, i have to have talking. Its like I need to tune in to the outside world so that I can shut it out again. I like PK on the radio anyway, and marion finucane.

i dunno, i dont think i have the word skills for improving on my list


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Aug 21, 2004
Barn Owl - Ancestral Star
The Dead C - Patience
Fabulous Diamonds - Fabulous Diamonds II
My Disco - Little Joy
Swans - My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky
Elm - Woven Into Light
Todd Rundgren - The Ballad of Todd Rundgren
Harvey Milk - A Small Turn of Human Kindness
Dion - Dion
Belbury Poly - The Owl's Map
Nina Nastasia - Outlaster
Bothy Band - Old Hag, You Have Killed me


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May 20, 2003
The Ex - Catch My Shoe
Gate - Republic of Sadness
Labradford - fixed::content
Labradford - mi media naranga
Labradford - e luxo so
Pan American - Pan American
Pan American - 360 Business 360 Bypass
Supersilent - 10
Supersilent - 11
Black Mountain - Into the future
The Kinks - Muswell Hillbillies
The Fall - Grotesque.

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