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nuke terrorist

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Dec 21, 2004
'north munster'
Hang on now, are you having a go?

I came up to Dub-a-lin basically as quick as I could. And I think I did "the groundwork", and I made it my home. If I was to move back to Ireland I'd go straight back to South Central y'all. Couldn't imagine what I'd do with myself in the sticks.
Then London, similar but different. London wouldn't be London without idiots like me.

If you're talking about gombeens who move to Dublin, then complain about Dublin, and spend their whole time in Dublin without ever going to a museum or a park or a gig or an unfamiliar restaurant or even vote in Dublin, and take the washing home to mammy every weekend, then yeah, fuck them. Or people who go to UAE for the money

I think this corner of the internet does not have many people like that.

What this has to do with Fontaines DC, I'm not sure. I guess I see myself in them. But I'm better.
I am happy enough just to go up to Dublin for gigs and the odd sports event.
I have only been more than 10 miles from home about 5 times in the last 22+ months due to the pandemic. it takes something pretty special to make me want to go somehwere.

about once or twice a year I go to local gigs (usually metal) and that's about it.
if there's nothing I am interested in going on locally, I just keep to myself and I'm not into drinking.

I lived in a few different places growing up usually 2+ miles from a village and 5-7 miles from a town so I just stayed a home nearly every weekend and was happy with that. no regrets there.

as far as city living goes -
there was some humour in what I said, but some folks are in Dublin for no real reason. while others want an easy fix of things to do but aren't fussy about what that is.
Some Boggers are there at the expense of poor sods who can't live in the (formerly) working class area they grew up in.
if you move to Dublin and you don't like it hard luck, maybe you are just part of the problem.

a lot more foreign people are prepared to to live and work in rough circumstances. That's certainly the impression I get from talking to them - good luck to them.

Dublin has huge potential but most of it has been ruthlessly squeezed of the place and it's mostly only good for Varadkar types.

also some people will just go from one city to another. the type of folks who will only live in places like Barcelona, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, NY/Brooklyn, SF Bay area, Austin, Portland or whatever place is being over run by yuppies - no time for them.


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Mar 21, 2004
in my head
I went back home years ago and a friend related how she had moved to Dublin.

"In Kimmage"
"Oh, cool that's near me. Have you tried that caff they have there yet? The breakfasts are amazing I've been told."

"Oh god no. I mean, it's in Kimmage but it's a gated community"
"What the fuck does that even mean?"

I was quite ready to tear her a new one, but seeing as I was only home for the anniversary mass of her fathers suicide, I held back. But my GRRRRRRness was palpable. I do feel strongly about this, whatever "this" is. A gated community? fuck off.

Fuck that gowl, Matt The Rashers is the fucking biz

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