What movie did you watch last night? (4 Viewers)

The Other Side of Hope

Aki Kaurismäki doing his deadpan thing

has a little bit of a strange stylistic-conceptual glitch in how the story gets told. the finnish side of the story uses familiar Kaurismäki style deadpan absurdity, but the refugee side of the story is mostly played straight, without the irony. almost like watching a movie made by two different directors. strange kind of affective rollercoaster.
also it only came out in 2017, but it already feels historicised — it feels like a movie that comes from a particular historical era, with its particular politics, social realities, cultural presumptions. pre-ukraine, pre-pandemic, etc. only six years old but feels like it could never be made now, and like it inhabits a world that is a different universe to 2023.
Ant Man & The Wasp: Quantumania. Is grand. Most notable thing about it is there’s a scene right at the end where Paul Rudd looks his age. Jonathon Majors is really good. Michelle Pfeiffer is actually a major character in it, unlike Michael Douglas.
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Saw Puss In Boots the other day. Thought it was fuckin class, it's just a good laugh like. Loads of little references and clever jokes if you know what they're on about. Nothing new really, but Banderas fuckin rules so there.

Yesterday saw Nostalgia. Lad returns to Napoli after 40 years away, he got in trouble as a 15 year old and had to run away. He comes back to what it says, nostalgia, but also has to deal with his criminal mate who's a boss in the camorra.
Fuckin awesome film, there's some really class shots/sequences in it and the soundtrack fuckin rules, reminds me of a 70s thriller soundtrack or something. Great stuff.
Also if you've been to Napoli it's a class reminder of how nuts that city is.
Certified Copy - I'm not exactly sure what was going on there but it's good.

Nashville - loved it

Badlands - I was a bit skeptical for a while but it won me over. Excellent
The Name Of The Rose (1986)

For some reason I expected this to be an arthouse movie but it was as mainstream as a detective tale set in a 14th century Italian monastery could be. I can see why it didn't set the world on fire at the time but I enjoyed it overall.
Deadline. A horror writer, under pressure to write a follow up book, while his family life is falling apart, and he is on set for the filming of his current book, has a major breakdown. Very tense, dark film.
The Unbookables - a documentary from 2012 about standup comedians on the road in a van. great stuff. doug stanhope's name is on it but he's not actually in it. however, there are some amazing comedians in it that i had never heard of. but overall, it's a very well made and riveting documentary

i also re watched American Movie for the first time in many years. brilliant. looking back it's nice to see that Mark Borchardt turned out somewhat successful, contrary to what everybody in this film thought he'd be. he's a very charismatic character. if you've never seen this you really should take the time
Microwave massacre. Early 80's dark comedy/ kinda slasher. A construction worker discovers a taste for cannibalism, but it's played way more comically than gory. At times ( especially with the 4th wall breaks, and awful acting) it resembles a more current take on a bad 80's comedy.
Faces Places

Faces Places (film) - Wikipedia

The amazing agnes varda makes a road movie with JR, who is sort of the french banksy — makes instagrammable temporary murals on buildings and stuff.

Agnes is amazing and JR is kind of annoying. they go to visit an old friend at the end.

weirdly enough it made me think of lou reed doing that terrible album with metallica. Lou was basically saying, hey, I’m Lou reed, I can make something bizarre with these stadium-filling chumps and I’m still cool. Agnes is sort of the same, saying, hey, I can make a movie with an arbitrary selection of french villagers and some dude that makes social media backdrops, and I still come out smelling of roses.

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