What movie did you watch last night? (19 Viewers)

Saw Tar.

It is an alright film, I don't think it's anything mad special and oul Cate has been better in other films, although she is her usual excellent. There are some amusing things throughout, and it's vaguely satisfying watching some toxic downfall. I also like the fact that it really makes the classical establishment look like needy wankers, which is funny.
Also the debate I've seen around this film is great craic, feminists giving out that it's a negative portrayal of a female conductor (yeah well ehhhh it's fiction if you hadn't noticed, and eehhh women can be toxic too and eeehhh there actually are plenty of toxic women associated with music in general including classical music), some music type people making it clear that it's not about music (it isn't, but it sure isn't making the hierarchies behind major orchestras look good is it?), the debate might be more entertaining than the film.
Finally, I reckon I've encountered 'Tar' in real life many times, mainly in TCD which strikes me as being a hotbed of Tars (I also encountered plenty of antithesis to Tar in Trinity too, for instance Sally Rooney who was cool), so I do find it quite gratifying that this film is sparking some debate, haaaaa.
I think this granuaid article is a pretty good summation of the film actually, some great paragraphs in there. Also forgot to mention, the ending of the film is very funny (in my opinion).

Oh and the article mentions Parallel Mothers there too, which is an amazing film that fucking rules, for anyone that hasn't seen it.
Started Tar, but it was late and it's long, so I only got an hour in. Will keep watching, a character that unpleasant and snobby is fairly compelling, but as impressive as Kate Blanchette is, I never fully believed her performance. Like she obviously put a lot of efforts into developing ticks and quirks for this person, but it came across as a bit mannered to me. Hopefully the second half is weirder and darker as I suspect it will be.
There was a bit of uproar on Twitter when some American, who I think was joking, said they thought it was set in modern day rural Ireland and people in rural Ireland speak and dress like that and get around on donkeys. But people got very annoyed about this.
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Just seeing this.

People read a Will Menekar post about Ireland and thought he was serious? Man, I HAVE been off twitter for a while.

anyway, in regards the other thread, this Slate piece now appears to be the official Irish person online opinion on the film

It's a good piece, but the oirishness of it didn't really bother me and it's not my read of the film, like for one thing it's set in 1923 and they talk like it's 2022, I wasn't looking for realism here.
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Perriers Bounty.

Grand not great. The cast is pretty impressive. You can see they've all become better actors over the years, or just get to do better movies now.

I just thought it was a very clever bit of scheduling on the part of the fairly obscure cable channel it was on, considering all this Inisheeren business people are talking about.

Night before that I watched This is Spinal Tap. Yep. I went to bed at 6am, I thought something familiar might help with the trouble sleeping.
Saw that Avatar 2 monstrosity there. Fucking bollocks, naturally. If anything, it's actually more annoying for looking great and having elements of beauty in it - with a total bullshit story on top of all that, fucking nonsense.

Saw Babylon the other day. Pretty boring truth be told, there is nothing in this film that hasn't already been done better (particularly in The Artist). Soundtrack is a funny one, if I was Too Many Zooz I'd be suing the cunt (unless he's in Too Many Zooz)

Also saw Holy Spider (you've been down too long in the midnight seaaa) at the start of the week. It's sinister as fuck, really great film.
Everything Everywhere All At Once. Really good, but if I’m honest I don’t understand the massive acclaim it’s getting.

Enola Holmes 2. Alright. Wasn’t expecting it to turn into a
movie at the end.
Mortal kombat. The latest one. Was it dumb? yes. Was some of the cgi and green screen nonsense really awful looking? yes. Was it bizarrely entertaining? also yes.
Watched 15 minutes of some utter bollox on Netflix, Some People, or Those People or some such shite. I think it was written by Ai.
"dear computer write a script with as many tech and cultural references as humanly possible so as to make this film out of date in 1 hour". Done.
Watched 15 minutes of some utter bollox on Netflix, Some People, or Those People or some such shite. I think it was written by Ai.
"dear computer write a script with as many tech and cultural references as humanly possible so as to make this film out of date in 1 hour". Done.
But an AI can't do as many references as humanly possible. It can probably do more, eep.

I watched "The Fire Within". Werner Herzog narrates footage from a volcanologist couple. It was narrated as a love story, but that barely comes up at all. We don't get to know these people very well at all.

I suppose he was probably right to spoil it at the beginning. Like Grizzly Man, I felt in two minds about it in the end. Classic Herzog then.

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