What movie did you watch last night? (4 Viewers)

West Side Story - the new one. I think it was Kermode who said "anyone seeing this at home is going to wish they'd seen it in the cinema" and he's not wrong. It's pretty fantastic - I mean it looks like it was made 60 years ago, and it looks incredible. Yes, it's a musical, and yes it's full of dancing, but I was genuinely impressed.

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Texas chainsaw massacre (Netflix one) Not bad. Characters were quite one dimensional, but the kills very bloody/gory.

Trick. Another slasher that's very similar in plot to Halloween. Solid violent slasher.
Seven. Holds up well except for Pitt's ties. The polaroid of the wild bill dick piece seems a lot brighter on 2022 TVs, which isn't great for the old mental health.
Miracle Mile. Still holds up. A supremely odd movie and the ending is just heartbreaking. Apparently it was batted around Hollywood for a decade before it was made. If it had have been made earlier in the '80s i suspect it would have made a bigger impact.
Cruising w/ al pacino

currently searching for the soundtrack

I'm sure it royally pissed off the gay community because of it's representation of the scene and the saviour etc.
They actually had over dub some of the dialogue in the location scenes due to the noise of protesters on the background.
Last night watched Ravenous. Cannibals, Odd characters, Great sound track, Jeffrey Jones playing a character very like A. W. Merrick. Yes.

The town that dreaded sundown.
More a thriller than horror, and with some oddly placed slapstick humour (it was the mid 70's) Not to bad bar the odd tone. In 1946, a small rural town on the Arkansas/ Texas boarder is terrorised by an unknown assailant who attacks people randomly at night.

The Untold story. The eight immortals restaurant. Again, starts of with mix of slapstick and gore, then it gets very, very dark. There is a lot of brutality in this. But the acting from Anthony Wong Chau-Sang as the demented protagonist Wong Chi Hang carries it.

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