What IS the most derided subgenre of punk? (1 Viewer)


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no i don't like any afi to be honest....haven't actually really listened to it either

moose was right about what i was on about

for example anomie from france

drummer was only 13 when they started apparently amazing!!!

fair enough, to be honest i only lasted about 1 min in the first video and about 15 seconds in the second, not my style at all.

i would recomend checking out the first afi album..


Lili Marlene

Trying not to have a bad day
Post is a prefix meaning 'after'. Post-Punk is therefore not punk by definition and shouldn't be included in this thread.


P.S. if anyone has a picture of a postman with a mohawk please put it below
P.P.S. Grammar is probably not punk
P.P.P.S. and rightly so.


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CM Punk IS shit, a disgrace for Straight Edge, if other people weren't enough already.

Anyway, 'celtic punk' takes my vote. Would include skacore/ska punk if it wasn't that I am guilty of having loved that stuff when I was 14.

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