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Oct 13, 2002
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Late roundup of last week in gigs.

Esker Festival Orchestra (galway) - I'm not sure if they do this often but they were playing as an 8 piece in a small venue. I really liked it for a few reasons. The first was seeing orchestra people be really informal like band practice style. I thought it really magnified the musicianship. One of the Cellists was stand out good. The lush sound of brahms and stuff in my local bar was great.

Trad Session: Kilrush Co. Clare. Strange ensemble (harp, two squeezeboxes, one fiddle). Was really taken by the harpist and found out later he was a champion harper. Very nice informal session and the ensemble were doing as much chatting with anyone hanging around as they were playing which warmed it up a lot.

Seoda Shows Summer fest/day show. Didn't catch everything as i needed about two pints to settle in after a few days cycling.

Powpig. Powpig are so much fun and are essentially a bunch of teenagers completely taking the piss out of us while writing good tunes all the time. A lot of fun, probably added that it was a hometown one for them. I hope their leaving certs went good.

The Claque - The claque were really what i hoped they would be. They cheated though by covering 'wild is the wind' which removed any chance of me being objective. Its a little transcendental kind of thing they do and was really glad to catch them after failing in galway a few weeks before.

Candice Gordon - Full big size band for this show, sound was a little confused for a the first few tracks but when it clicked it was great.

The altered hours. - Saw them two years ago and wasn't getting it at all, really liked it this time though and considering they were on the long headliner slot they paced the show really well. Would have listened to another few tunes.

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