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Not last night, it was Friday, but saw Il Sogno del Marinaio at The Grand Social, with the deadly Hubert Selby Jr Infants in support. Good to catch up with Bushie before the gig.

Watt’s got a gammy knee and is playing from a chair on this tour but still brings the fire. Had to leave before the end to catch my bus home, alas.
I had a lot of the same feelings when I saw the big band and the drum solo was pants. It was all good from there on, they might have been waiting on you to leave before letting rip.
dammit. Though I was running out of steam anyway, my wife was eager to hit the road and my son was still quite sick, he has a cough he can't shake (not covid).
dammit. Though I was running out of steam anyway, my wife was eager to hit the road and my son was still quite sick, he has a cough he can't shake (not covid).
Sometimes you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. And unlike me, you got your money’s worth from Weezer at least.
Weezer and the Pumpkins. I'm the opposite to Cornu. My night was all about weezer. They were greatEven though it was billed as a double header it felt like a support slot. Minimal production, minimal chat, just power through the tunes. It's always sad to have to hear Beverly Hills and Island In The Sun but they packed the set with a good spread of songs. Could have played another song instead of the 3 guitar noodles (Fururescope, the outro to Run Raven Run and Only In Dreams). One would have been plenty, could have played Run Raven Run in full. We had introvert Rivers again last night, much like at Vicar St.

Pumpkins on the other hand... We left during the DRUM SOLO in the THIRD SONG which was a U2 COVER!

I admit I struggle with not liking SP for the very reason I like Weezer. That being that they forge ahead and keep making music and doing what ever the hell they want to. You all know I love the SZNZ albums.
I lost interest in the Pumpkins after Mellon Collie and only like the first 3 albums the same way a lot of people ditched Weezer after Pinkerton and will say they only have 2 good records despite never hearing anything else. Have I heard anything after Mellon Collie? no. Do I presume it's all rubbish? yes.

Plus I hated that there was 6 or 7 people onstage, it's all a bit GNR.
I actually like Beverly Hills and Island in the Sun. Especially Island in the Sun.

I didn’t go last night.
Just back from
Brian Young Band playing the songs of Rudi

It was great.
Yeah. Loadsa great songs from all three. Never saw any of 'em before.
Great to see them all, inc. young lad Petesy Burns, still having fun.

I am still waiting for a 12:15 am bus home from George's Quay.
Loads more people around than normal 'cause there was a shit concert at Point Depot - Killers?
Thankfully the traffic jam has just eased off in the last few minutes.
Won't be home until about 3am.
Never go to the likes of Brujeria or Cattle Decapitation and bands on labels like Relapse, Metal Blade etc.
They're just now raw or noisy enough for me. I only like noisy underground stuff with short songs as far as that goes.
Went to Pearl Jam on Saturday night and Rammstein last night.

Was given a ticket to Pearl Jam by a mate. I’d be a very casual fan as in I’d only really know the early stuff. They were deadly. I don’t know whether it’s a getting older thing but could feel myself nearly tearing up during Daughter and Black

Rammstein were a lot of fun. Got a ticket off my neighbour. It’s a very spectacular show. Would love to see them again but be sitting down. As a short person I see fuck all of what’s going on on stage from the pitch. The pyrotechnics were really spectacular
Ty Segall. Grand, if not a little dull. Last time was way more fun.
I was at this and that's a fair assessment. I only recognised the second last song.

My friend did not like it, and he's a fan. It was annoying not actually seeing him play guitar from our standing point on the right.

I was mostly happy to be out at a gig.
Actually the rain might have worked better. And the pyrotechnics would have kept us warm. Few videos doing the rounds on Twitter of people flying over Dublin on Sunday and being able to see the pyrotechnics
yeah seen those, also a great pic taken from herbert park with flames coming from next door
I keep thinking of the YF/Idles/LCD gig and how great it was and how much fun I had. I wouldn't normally be a fan of outdoor gigs in Ireland or large gigs (generally) in Ireland because it's always messy. It ruins the experience of the live music because (as a person who is permanently in fight or flight mode in mixed company) I'm on high alert all the time.

Malahide was so clean. When I needed to sit I could sit comfortably without fear of someone stepping on me or spilling something on me. I had a good view no matter where I stood or sat. No lines at the loos and they were the cleanest I have ever seen at an outdoor gig before. There was even a gluten free food truck. Are things changing here or did I just get lucky because it was a Wednesday night gig?

I thoroughly enjoyed all the bands and could focus on the music without an internal calming monologue. I was dancing around having a blast with anxiety at all time low. It seemed people were there FOR the music for once and not for a messy session. Maybe I should expand what gigs I am actually willing to go to now or was this an anomaly? It was the best show I have been to since before COVID.

PS Dude wearing white vest in YF belongs in the Horn Thread.

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